Betzest Casino is a hybrid online gambling site. They offer casino and sports book options to all players allowing them to meet all of their players' needs. They provide limitless capabilities on both sides of the betting world. This gives them the ability to allow players to move back and forth between betting in a casino or using the bookmaker capability. This means you can bet on a football game or some other live sport and then immediately switch over to casino play.

Betzest Casino is committed to providing completely secure and safe gaming and betting website that is regulated. They follow the strictest of guidelines to promise each player is safe and secure. They believe in full transparency and make sure all players are aware of the processes used along the way. You will always know what they are doing with your information. They keep you updated on any changes that they make with storing and sharing your information. 

The casino side of Betzest offers an expansive live casino that includes all your favors from virtual sports, slot machines, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and many more. They give you a streamlined and innovative application to give you the best gaming experience. Their website is built on a strong foundational infrastructure, so you will not have any interruptions while you are playing. One of the great features of Betzest is that it is run by gaming experts with many years of gaming under their belt. They know exactly what a gamer wants to see, and they aim to deliver. 

It has quickly become a well known and respected leader in online gaming and casinos. They may be one of the newer websites, but they have not wasted any time building a strong technical foundation on which they can grow. They are looking to grow into one of the giants in the field. 

They have many features that prompt their customers to stay on their website and come back often. These include free spins and no deposit bonuses. 

They have specially trained staff to help with support. They know part of your experience includes fast, efficient, and effective customer service. They are easy to contact either by chat or email. The support team provides assistance to customers of Betzest Casino only. You can feel confident that the person to whom you are speaking knows exactly what you need any time that you might need it. 


Betzest is as concerned with safety as you are. They use the most innovative and state of the art security protocols to keep all of your information safe and secure. Any transaction that has any type of transaction containing sensitive information is encrypted and kept safe. You can save your information in Betzest’s database, and that remains encrypted. You can feel safe with every transaction you have with Betzest because they promise your information remains safe. 

Betzest also believes in fair gaming rights, which means they do everything they can to ensure your gameplay is fair and secure. To the end, they use a random number generator (RNG) for all games on their websites. This RNG has been assessed, audited, and approved by independent sources to ensure their accuracy and fairness in generating random numbers. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they comply with all regulations. No matter how you choose to play, for money or just for fun, your experience will always be fair. 


For the game section, the focus will be on the casino side of Betzest. They offer hundreds of online casino games that will surely keep you engaged. No casino, online or otherwise, is really a true casino without slot machines. Betzest offers some of the most innovative and graphically mind-blowing slot machines available. They have strict encryption, 3D graphics, and RNGs to give you a safe, fair, and exhilarating place to play. Every game is checked and rechecked to ensure they are safe and fair before you will ever see them on the website. The slot machines cover many different themes and features, and you are sure to find one that piques your interest. Perhaps poker, roulette, or craps is more your speed. No worries because Betzest offers those games, also.

It does not stop there because Betzest offers the best in live casino games, too. This gives you the feel of being right in the middle of the action on the casino floor. There is live poker, live baccarat, and live roulette where you can try your hand against the dealer. The live casino is intended to function like a real casino that incorporates the use of special camera technology. You get the real feel without having to get dressed and leave your house. It is the best of all worlds. No matter what your interests are, the Betzest Casino can meet all your needs. 


Betzest offers you countless ways to make and receive payments. They ensure that every transaction is safe, secure, and legal. They may require you to provide information to allow them to identify you and your transaction. All transactions that involve payment happen in an environment that is PCI DSS compliant. This is a requirement that is set forth by MasterCard and Visa. 

When we require you to provide documents for verification, it is important that you comply with the request. We are not doing it to be difficult. We must make sure that all transactions are legal and safe. We need you to verify your identity and address. This requires proof of identity, like a driver’s license, and proof of residence, such as a bill with your address on it. It may be a utility bill or bank statement. This must be current information, which means it cannot be older than six months. It is also a requirement that the document is in color and shows complete information. It must show name, address, expiration date, and have a visible pictures. 


Casino bonuses are what will get you excited to play and keep you coming back. Betzest does not have a lack of bonuses available to you. They offer a long list of games and run the gamut from free spins to loyalty perks. They make sure they capture every player regardless of playing style, level, or stake. They ensure that every one of their players has the ability to earn bonuses. 

They provide a welcome bonus to those who are new to the sign and have just registered. You must make a deposit before you can receive your welcome bonus. You must wager 35x within 14 days of the welcome bonus to be able to receive a payout. If not, you will forfeit the bonus and any winnings you receive from the use of the bonus. 

They offer free spins that do not require any wagering requirement. They have a section called Casino Promotion that shows you the current bonus offers. Some promotions are only available to players that are new, while other promotions are available to existing players. If you turn on the ability to receive emails, you will get all promotions sent directly to your inbox. Some bonuses will extend your playing time. You may not be eligible to withdrawal the bonuses if you have not met the requirements. 


Betzest offers you so many ways to play different games. The graphics are amazing, and they are sure to have a game that is perfect for you. They believe that your security and privacy are a number one priority. They promise to keep your information secure. They want to make sure that you have the best gaming experience while on their site. 

They are also aware that gambling can quickly get out of control. They want to help you play safe, so they help you monitor and control your gambling. They provide you a self-assessment that allows you to determine if your gambling has gotten out of control. They provide a reality check feature that helps you track your gaming. It provides a pop up that informs you of how long you have been active and a history of your losses and wins during that time. 

You can set limits that are important to check your gambling in check. You can set a limit on how much you can deposit in a set period of time. You can take a break from gambling but preventing yourself from being able to play for a set period of time. Even if you do not have a gambling problem, it is a good idea to put limitations in place to prevent you from potentially creating a problem for yourself.