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Posted on: 10 February, 2021

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INSTADEBIT Online Gaming Deposit Solutions

INSTADEBIT is a simplified money deposit solution for online gamers and buyers across the globe. If you want to deposit funds to your favorite casino or sportsbook site, the INSTADEBIT program is just what you have been searching for.

But unlike so many other online apps, INSTADEBIT isn’t strictly a web wallet. Its business design is much more like a streamlined PayPal system. The company acts as a transfer agent to handle the flow of money from your bank account to a seller – or that cherished online casino – while steadfastly blocking all personal and banking data from leaving their site.

At the same time, the cash in your account can’t stay there forever. INSTADEBIT isn’t a bank, and while they would love to have your money parked there indefinitely, it can’t be. If you withdraw winnings or get a refund from a merchant, your money is safe and secure, but you’ll need to spend it or deposit it back into your bank account in less than a month. If you don’t move it, INSTADEBIT will credit it back to your bank after 29 days.

That keeps your cash safe, and security is job one at the company, leaving you with an active solution for transferring your money to a bookie for play or a merchant for purchases. It’s highly efficient, fast as can be, and will get you up and playing at a website right now! And luckily, many sport wagering sites and casinos accept INSTADEBIT deposits with no fee.

Instead, you can take advantage of signup bonuses and all types of monthly and continued-play prizes your casino offers.

INSTADEBIT offers 24-hour customer service in Live Chat and phone service to answer your questions if you have questions. You can also fill in a contact form, and they will reply via email to help with any issues you might encounter.


With the proliferation of online sales and gaming, INSTADEBIT came into being during the early part of 2003 in Toronto, Canada. It remains a private-industry payment processing business located in Canada that does business with companies across the globe.

However, the INSTADEBIT features and financial transfers are restricted to Canadian citizens. Retail users may deposit and accept US dollars and Canadian dollars. Merchants may also accept foreign exchange currency – with an allowance for exchange fees.

Canadian residents must be 18 years of age or older to register and use the company’s products. Registration is free.

As a facilitator, INSTADEBIT helps you make payments or deposits to merchants and transfer funds from your Balance Account or bank account. They will also record and keep a permanent record of all transactions, transfers, and deposits, so you’ll be able to check on any cash movements between your bank account, your Balance Account, and your online casino and merchants.  

INSTADEBIT will make every effort to handle your requests promptly, but certain banking and merchant delays can (and will, over time) happen. And, you’ll want to make sure you only make purchases and deposits when there is sufficient cash available in your Balance Account or your bank account. Trying to deposit with insufficient funds can be considered attempted fraud, and your account will be at risk of being closed or suspended.

You can also lose use privileges if you have identity inconsistencies, have charge-back issues, or have sufficient changes in your credit history to imply that you are now a credit risk. Keep your account clean and accurate, and you’ll be fine!

INSTADEBIT is Recommended for Canadian Citizens

You must be 18-years of age to gamble at online sites, so the age restriction for INSTADEBIT shouldn’t be an issue. And as a Canadian-run business, it is perfect for citizens who are most likely to be dealing with Canadian or US dollars. If you are under 18 and somehow manage to get onto a gaming site or obtain a web wallet or INSTADEBIT account, you can expect it to get shut down quickly. Falsifying information isn’t taken lightly and could result in the loss of any deposited funds!

The suspension could include non-Canadian citizens trying to access the system, so find another e-wallet like Neteller or PayPal instead of risking your cash on a fraudulently opened account.

You can open your account quickly with some primary ID and banking information (see below). Registering takes just a few minutes, and you can move money from your designated bank account to a gaming site with ease after your account is approved.

After that, you’ll have a permanent record of all transactions with the many merchants who readily accept INSTADEBIT. This alternative payment method protects your personal information and keeps your funds safe.

Besides playing at home from your desktop or laptop computer, you can move money on-the-go and play or make purchases anywhere there is wi-fi or hotspot service. The INSTADEBIT system is mobile-friendly, and you can easily use your phone to use their services.

The company has worked hard to attract merchants to their brand, increasing your ability to find retail sellers and online gaming sites that accept INSTADEBIT use. The multi-currency integration has attracted many European sites and increased participation rates with websites while offering coverage across all  Canadian banks.

Starting an INSTADEBIT Account Online

As a secure online payment processor, your INSTADEBIT account can be created quickly on a computer or your Mobile device. Once approved, you select INSTADEBIT on your merchant’s website, log into your account and approve whatever transaction you wish.

To get started, you’ll be prompted for your birth date and the last four digits of your SIN (Social Insurance Number). After providing contact information and email, you’ll need your five-digit bank transit number and three-digit financial institution number, as well as your account number.

INSTADEBIT will make a micro-deposit into your account for verification which they will then take back. You’ll need to provide the exact amount to increase your spending limit after this happens. In the meantime, you’ll be able to make that first purchase. That purchase won’t show the actual name of the company you deposited to; it will read either or 1-877-88DEBIT.

Bank Verification

Make sure you verify the small deposit made to your bank account by logging into your INSTADEBIT account and clicking on the words “Verify Bank Account.” That will prompt you for the deposit amount. Make sure you get it input correctly, or your account will be frozen, and you’ll have to call customer service to straighten it out.

As with online gaming sites, you’ll also need to provide a government-issued photo ID such as a Passport or Diver’s License as well as a utility bill to prove your given address is correct. Afterward, you should be ready for all the transactions and things that go bump in the night.

Funds in your bank account will be withdrawn immediately to pay for merchant purchases at online websites, as will deposits you make into a casino or at a sportsbook. If you withdraw funds from those outlets, they will automatically get credited into your INSTADEBIT Balance Account. If you buy something and return it or get a discount, those funds from the merchant will also go into your Balance Account. They hit that account at the merchant and casino’s pace.

Once they are active in your account, you can use them for future purchases or deposits. If you have enough funds available for said purchase, you’ll still have a net balance. If you don’t have enough in your Balance Account, the remaining purchase or deposit amount will be debited from your bank account.

You can also withdraw funds from your Balance Account to your bank account. It usually takes three to five business days for any funds to clear the banking system and become available for use in your bank account.

Foreign Exchange and Currencies

Your INSTADEBIT account automatically converts foreign currencies into Canadian dollars (except for US dollars). The exchange rate is the transaction day’s rate plus a small fee. When the credit or refund involves US dollars, the balance will get credited to your account in USD. You can then use the funds for purchases in US dollars, where they are accepted.

If you buy something in another currency or Canadian dollars, they will be converted first – with a small fee. Likewise, if you decide to deposit those US dollars to your bank account, they will get converted first with a forex (Foreign exchange) fee.


One of INSTADEBIT’s best features is its enhanced security. Although it’s not a bank, the company employs similar security features to its hardware and software and ensures all transactions and personal information are safe from hackers.

The latest 128-bit encryption technology is employed to protect your transactions. Personal data with a highly sophisticated and constantly improving anti-fraud system is considered one of the best in the e-commerce industry.

Your identity is checked first upon completion of your application with your four-digit SIN and date of birth; your transactions, as well as your privacy, are regulated by VeriSign, security certification, and industry leader.

Your money transfers are always done without exposing personal data or bank details and certified by Symantec’s Norton Security as well as TRUSTe Certified Privacy. Experienced IT managers and agents employ additional in-house security and anti-fraud systems to keep you safe.

INSTADEBIT is monitored by McAfee Secure and TrustedSite, industry leaders in software and web security, as well as their Shopper ID Protection system. You can verify your connection and security at any time by clicking on the McAfee link. It will prove a Valid SSL Certificate, active perimeter scanning, and that no phishing is detected.

Minor INSTADEBIT Exchange Fees

Although creating an account at INSTADEBIT is cost-free, there are minor exchange and withdrawal fees for all customers. Anytime a payment or transfer involves another currency besides Canadian dollars, there will be a forex fee.

When you start a purchase or make a payment to a merchant via your bank account, INSTADEBIT will charge you CAD 1.95. If you have cash in your Balance Account (money on hand at INSTADEBIT), there is no charge to use it. However, if part of a purchase or deposit includes money transferred from your bank account, you will incur the fee.

That means you should verify your Balance Account before purchase or deposit, so you can avoid the fee by using only the balance in your account if possible.

When you take a withdrawal from your bookie or online casino account – or if you get a refund or credit from a merchant – you’ll have money in your Balance Account to use for further purchases at no fee. If you decide to withdraw any or all that balance back to your bank account, INSTADEBIT will charge you CAD 2.00.

Payments out of your bank account are usually instant. Deposits into your bank account can take up to five business days, depending on several factors out of INSTADEBIT’s control.

The fees pay for the privilege of having a banking solution to transfer cash to your gaming sites and make purchases at websites. Most customers find that the ease of use and security are well worth the cost.

Remember, INSTADEBIT is strictly like a web wallet, and they don’t issue debit cards. You cannot withdraw funds at ATMs, nor are you able to store funds at your account for extended periods. There are no plans to offer currency purchases, cryptocurrency purchases, or other forms of investing.

INSTADEBIT is designed to move money from your bank account to your favorite online gaming site and make purchases without involving your bank information or personal data. That’s what it’s good at, and that’s what you get with an account!

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