Best MetaVerse Casinos – Guide to Decentralized Casinos Canada
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Did you recently come across the word “metaverse” casino? Wondering what metaverse casino platforms are?

Metaverse casino platforms like Decentral Games, Sand Vegas Club, and Atari Casino are different from regular online casinos. These casinos do not just present the casino games on the computer screens. Instead, they allow you to enter the virtual reality world and play with the other player.

Metaverse Casinos Canada [June 2023]


Betzest Casino

Rating: 94/100

100% up to $/€300 SportsBook Bonus


Casumo Casino

Rating: 86/100

100% up to €300 + 20 Bonus Spins on Book of Dead


Wazamba Casino

Rating: 77/100

100% up to €500 + 200 Bonus Spins


Vegas Mobile Casino

Rating: 74/100

£1000/$1000/€1000 + 100 bonus spins


Silver Oak Casino

Rating: 76/100

100% up to €10,000


RedBet Casino

Rating: 77/100

100% Casino Bonus up to €100


Rabona Casino

Rating: 79/100

100% Welcome Bonus + 200 Bonus Spins


PlayOjo Casino

Rating: 80/100

50 Bonus Spins on Book of Dead Slot


Mr Green Casino

Rating: 74/100

100% up to €100 / CA$100 + 100 Free Book Of Dead Spins


LibraBet Casino

Rating: 84/100

100% up to C$500 + 200 Bonus Spins


Jackpot Mobile

Rating: 83/100

200% up to £50 + 50 spins on Starburst


Dunder Casino

Rating: 75/100

100% deposit match up to $600 + 50 free spins on Sweet Bonanza


LV BET Casino

Rating: 83/100

€1000 bonus + 1000 LV spins


Play UK

Rating: 81/100

100% Match up to £100 + 100 bonus spins on Starburst


Red Stag

Rating: 78/100

$2,500 bonus + up to 500 free spins


Slots Million Casino

Rating: 80/100

500€ + 50 Extra Spins


TonyBet Casino

Rating: 79/100

100% up to £300/€300 + 50 bonus spins


Video Slots Casino

Rating: 95/100

100% up to €/$/£200 Welcome Bonus


Royal Vegas Casino

Rating: 94/100

100% up to C$1200

Scroll down to learn more about metaverse casino gambling and how to start playing at decentralized casinos in Canada. You will also find the different types of gambling games available at the metaverse casino platforms like Decentral Games and Sand Vegas Club. Moreover, you will learn how cryptocurrencies are accepted at the metaverse casino platforms.

Top Metaverse Casinos Available to Canadian Players

  1. Stake Casino – Gamblers stand the chance to win a share of $50,000 in ETH every week.
  2. Bitstarz Casino – Welcome bonus worth up to $2000 + 200 free spins.
  3. SuperBoss Casino – Welcome bonus up to $2,550 + 100 free spins.
  4. MonteCryptos Casino – Welcome bonus worth up to $300.
  5. Cyber.Bet – 200% bonus up to $300.
  6. Ignition – 300% crypto only match.
  7. Yoju – Welcome bonus up to $2000 + 100 free spins.
  8. Golden Star – Welcome bonus up to $800 + 100 free spins.
  9. 20 Bet – Welcome bonus up to $330 + 170 free spins.
  10. Play Amo – Welcome bonus up to $1500 + 150 free spins

What Is Metaverse?

A virtual world, Metaverse allows you to send your virtual selves amid the virtual casinos' glittering lights and neon glow. Unlike online gambling websites, metaverse casinos do not just give you the taste of playing casino games. Instead, the metaverse casino site allows you to experience the real casinos via virtual reality headsets.

At the virtual reality casinos, fiat currencies have no say. You will have to settle the transactions in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, given the virtual reality environment, you will find some new casino games like ICE Poker (free poker).

How Do Metaverse Casinos Work?

A significant concept of the Web 3.0, metaverse allows you to send your avatars to the virtual world via virtual reality sets. In the metaverse, you can purchase virtual land, advertise, and do a lot more, whereas decentralized casinos are just a part of this big virtual world.

The idea is to give you the experience of playing in the real world via virtual reality sets. You can think of the metaverse casino sites as the real casinos where your virtual avatar can play the gambling games.

However, you will have to retain that as of now, and decentralized casino platforms are more or less like the crypto casino sites, i.e., you must know how to settle the transactions in cryptocurrencies. Of course, this guide will explain everything about the metaverse casino websites.

How To Start Playing at A Metaverse Casino?

Unlike regular online casinos, playing at a metaverse casino isn’t possible with a simple sign-up. Instead, you will have to follow a different process to be able to play at a metaverse casino.

Moreover, although not compulsory, the experience of playing at a metaverse casino is different when you have virtual reality headsets. Still, even if you do not have one, you will enjoy playing at metaverse casinos as they make out for a new experience.

Here’s how to start playing at a metaverse casino:

Step 1. Create an account at a crypto exchange

Decentralized gambling is possible only via cryptocurrencies. That is to say. You will have to purchase tokens that are accepted at metaverse casinos. So, head over to the App Store or Google Play store and create an account at a crypto exchange like Binance, Coinbase, etc. For instance, to create an app on Binance:

  1. Download the Binance app on your mobile or visit from a web browser. (There is also a desktop app of Binance).
  2. Click on mobile and register an account with your preferred mobile number.
  3. Verify your account on the crypto exchange platform.

Once you verify the account, you will have an account on the crypto exchange platform to play at the decentralized casinos.

Step 2. You will need a wallet to connect you directly with the metaverse casinos. Several wallets on the internet, like Meta Mask (a browser extension), can read into the web3 API.

  1. Go to on Chrome or Brave.
  2. Download the extension.
  3. Follow the steps to create your wallet at Meta Mask.
  4. You will receive a seed phrase, ensuring you do not share with anyone.
  5. Purchase the crypto tokens accepted at the desired metaverse casino platform. Or you can import the desired tokens from other wallets.

Step 3. Connect the crypto wallet to the metaverse casino.

  1. Once you have opened an account somewhere, log in to the metaverse casino of your choice from the above list.
  2. And click on the Connect Wallet option.

Note: You will have to connect your wallet using the password. So, choose only the right platforms as you don’t want to expose your sensitive information to a fraudulent virtual casino.

What Games Can You Play at Metaverse Casinos?

The best thing about Metaverse casinos is you get to play the regular casino games as well as taste the decentralized casino games. Here are some of the casino games that we have seen at the Metaverse casinos:

1. Live Dealer Games

As mentioned, one of the best experiences that you will have at the metaverse casinos is playing live dealer games like playing in real life. You can virtually interact with the dealers as well as meet other players when you play blackjack or other gambling games.

2. Slot Games

Regardless of which decentralized casino you are on; you will find virtual slot machines on the platform. Moreover, be it any variant of slot machines — from old to new — most metaverse casinos have tons of options for the users looking for a wide variety of gambling games.

3. Progressive Jackpots

You will also find the progressive jackpot model at the metaverse casinos like at the real casinos. Of course, progressive jackpots apply to all the games like slot machines, dice games, and more. At these games, the payout is less often, but they give you the best chance to win the massive payouts.

4. Decentralized Casino Games Based on Blockchain Technology

Metaverse casinos are a novelty. So, of course, you can expect some new types of casino games like ICE Poker that give you the best experience of virtual reality and online casinos.

Note: You will not find as many varieties as the online casinos at the metaverse casinos. Yes, the idea is relatively new, and there aren’t many decentralized casino games yet. Nevertheless, Game Providers are partnering with the metaverse owners, and there is a good chance that you will witness the bets of the metaverse casinos in the coming years. Although not as many options as the online casinos, metaverse casinos offer you a new experience of playing casino games, an experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Are NFT Casinos And Metaverse Casinos the Same?

Contrary to popular opinion, NFT casinos and metaverse casino platforms are not the same. The only thing that is similar between the decentralized casino platforms is like the metaverse casino sites, NFT Casinos do not accept fiat currencies either.

Coming to NFT Casinos, there are different types of them. For instance, at the Rollbit Casino or Gambling Apes Casino — you can purchase the NFTs and can become the co-owner of the casino or the establishment in the virtual world. You can share the profits with the other co-owners and so on.

But be aware that just like the cryptocurrencies, the value of the NFTs varies drastically. So, play games only if you are comfortable with holding NFTs.

What Currencies Are Accepted in Metaverse?

There are no options to pay via fiat currencies at the metaverse casino platforms. You will have to pay via an accepted cryptocurrency. And while different metaverse casino platforms accept different types of cryptocurrencies. Still, some of the common cryptocurrencies accepted at most metaverse casino platforms are:

1. Bitcoin

The first and most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, enjoys its reputation of being many “firsts.” Due to its immense popularity and ease of transaction, almost all metaverse casino sites accept Bitcoin.

Facilitating over 265K transactions per day, Bitcoin works on peer-to-peer technology.

You can purchase Bitcoin at any crypto exchange and participate in decentralized gambling. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is suitable for players looking to gamble high amounts. The transaction fees, compared to other cryptocurrencies, are higher. Moreover, Bitcoin takes over 10 minutes to validate the transactions. Of course, this is quick compared to other payment methods like Bank transfers; however, as you will find out, other cryptocurrencies’ transfer rates and transaction fees are quick and cheap.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in terms of the market cap; the first, of course, is Bitcoin. Ethereum differs from Bitcoin in several ways. For instance, it works on the proof-of-stake model, unlike the proof-of-work model of Bitcoin (which consumes more energy). The same model intends to remove the mining work by 2022, eliminating the energy demanded to mine the crypto like Bitcoin.

Once again, like Bitcoin, Ethereum prices depend on the global supply chain. So, you will see the prices fluctuate in real-time, just like with Bitcoin. Moreover, since NFTs are usually held on the Ethereum blockchain, their popularity has seen a lot of hype recently.

3. Bitcoin Cash

As the name signifies, Bitcoin Cash works on the same technology as Bitcoin, i.e., a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. However, unlike Bitcoin, the transaction fees associated with Bitcoin Cash are lower. Plus, the transactions are validated within 2 minutes. Speed of transaction is probably the reason why Bitcoin Cash matters to you while playing at the metaverse casino platforms.

Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash also has a scarce supply of just 21 million tokens. Additionally, privacy is just the same as the other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin. However, unlike Ether, Bitcoin Cash isn’t useful for running apps. You can use it for transferring or withholding payments. Still, its value also fluctuates in real-time. So, keep in mind that you can either suffer losses or gain profits.

4. Litecoin

Litecoin is also based on the same peer-to-peer technology as Bitcoin. But given the large volume of transactions, it can support within minutes; it is valued as one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. Moreover, like Bitcoin and Ether, Litecoin is one of the rare cryptocurrencies that allow you to trade directly with fiat currencies like USD, CAD, and so on.

A block within Litecoin, like most cryptocurrencies, stores all the transaction information and could be viewed by any miner that may want to access the information. There will be over 84 million tokens of Litecoin, 4x the Bitcoin. Moreover, given its transaction speed, it is helpful in the metaverse casinos.

5. Dogecoin

Started as a joke to then Shibu Inu, Dogecoin soon gained momentum because of its low value and unlimited supply. Dogecoin is the way to go if you want to play at the metaverse casinos in smaller amounts. The value of Dogecoin is one-third the dollar (at the time of writing), and the low transaction fees associated with it make dogecoin a popular token.

Given its popularity and reputation as the most used cryptocurrency for tipping on social media platforms, online casinos have adopted it. The same goes for virtual casinos.

Who Regulates Metaverse Casinos?

Most of the existing metaverse casinos are registered in regions like El Salvador. Costa Rica and Curaçao — like the Curaçao gaming commission — outside the Canadian jurisdiction. But don’t forget that the stance of online casinos is also similar in Canada. The government in Canada doesn’t allow virtual casinos to operate from within the country.

So, like the regular online and crypto casinos, the metaverse casinos are also regulated by outside authorities.

Still, until there is a comment from the government or governing bodies, you can legitimately play at the metaverse gambling sites in Canada. Of course, there will be a word from the government in the future, but given that most companies have a positive outlook toward cryptocurrency and Web 3.0, it is fair to assume that both will be legal in Canada.

What’s Next for Metaverse Casinos?

According to, metaverse casino platforms have received an investment of US$ 7.5 million in the past three months. This best explains what type of developments you can expect. Understand that metaverse casino platforms are still new, so you will not find as many games as the online casinos yet.

Today’s operation of metaverse casino platforms allows users to play games anonymously and privately. Plus, you can also make passive money using the dividends model of many metaverse casino platforms. Moreover, the metaverse casino websites eliminate the process of withdrawing funds. Instead, all your winnings are directly deposited into the wallet.


  • What Is Metaverse All About?
    • Metaverse is about creating a digital world where users can purchase the lands, socialize, and play casino games just like in the real world. You can think of it like Facebook, but with a more intimate connection. That is to say. Instead of video calling or chatting, you can engage with friends, family, and strangers in your avatars.
  • Can You Win Real Money in the Metaverse?
    • Yes. Metaverse casino platforms act as land-based casinos in a digital world. You can gamble with real money, just like online casinos and land-based casinos. Only cryptocurrencies are supported at metaverse casino sites. So, you will have to settle your payments in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, even while betting, you will be betting in cryptos. For instance, instead of betting C$ 1 — you will have to bet 1 Doge.
  • What Are Casinos NFT?
    • Casino NFT differs in concept from the Metaverse gambling platforms discussed here. Moreover, there are different types of casinos NFTs. For instance, as mentioned earlier, at platforms like Rollbit Casino, you can purchase the NFTs and become the co-owner of the casino establishment in the virtual land.
  • What Payment Methods Can I Use in The Metaverse?
    • As mentioned earlier, payment options at the metaverse gambling sites differ from one platform to another. Nevertheless, you can expect the metaverse gambling platforms to accept the popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Moreover, you can download crypto exchange platforms like Meta Mask that can hold all cryptocurrencies. So, regardless of the payment method accepted at the metaverse casino, you can pay seamlessly.
  • Is The Metaverse a Scam?
    • Metaverse is Web 3.0. That is to say, just as Web 1.0 got replaced with Web 2.0, Web 3.0 will replace Web 2.0. So, no. Metaverse is not a scam. It is a legitimate concept that is in its initial days. Eventually, it will gain attention, and people will appreciate the more intimate digital connections. And in case you are wondering, metaverse casinos are not a scam. As long as you stick with the metaverse gambling platforms recommended in this guide, you do not have anything to worry about.