Created by Aristocrat, one of the most well-known slot game providers in the world today, the Queen of the Nile 2 Slot centres around the fantastic world of Ancient Egypt, where you can join in the exciting adventure where you explore the regions around the Nile, the longest river in the world.

Operating on a 5×3 reel grid with 20 paylines to win fantastic treasures from, follow the gorgeous and magnificent ruler Cleopatra as she guides you in your quest to dig up the dazzling artifacts of Egypt, unlock great bonus offers and ace gameplay opportunities like never before.

Bonus tip? Take Her Highness Cleopatra The Great across the river Nile and get rewarded with the greatest amount that this slot game can provide you. If you can satisfy Cleopatra, all the riches of Ancient Egypt are yours for the taking! Play this sequel to the Queen of the Nile slot and win more treasures than ever before. Before playing, check out this queen of the Nile 2 slot review and win bigger and better, all the while practising responsible gambling.

Queen of the Nile 2 Slot: Brief Overview

Queen of the Nile 2 Screenshot

The Queen of the Nile 2 Slot game is similar to its earlier version. But, it provides much better rewards and more free spins. Aristocrat has ensured that you will be provided with a simple user interface and fantastic bonus offers well-wrapped in a shiny new package. Unlike a lot of other 5×3 slots, Queen of the Nile 2 depends more on your playing style and skills rather than just pure luck.

The variance of this game lies in the medium range and varies according to the available options, so it is up to you how you intend to find the treasures surrounding the river Nile while taking Cleopatra across. Remember that it is always better to take a chance on a slot game and play a demo round or two before investing money in it. Keep an eye on the wagering requirements as well. 

Queen of the Nile 2 Slot: Design and Theme

What is a slot machine game without a high-quality interface? That is exactly what Aristocrat promises with this highly addictive and expertly designed sequel titled Queen of the Nile 2. Here, you are promised the benefits of a traditional slot machine game, concentrating on the theme of ancient Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs and the Pyramids.

Luring you with the promise of a Wild symbol like Her Highness Queen Cleopatra herself, this slot entices you with the hieroglyphic background and the golden display, indicating ancient wealth, straight from the tombs of the pharaohs.

The music designed for the game is effective with its upbeat Egyptian tunes. It creates an atmosphere of mystery and adventure and makes the possibility of the treasure hunt seem more tempting. What are you waiting for, then? Join Cleopatra on her travel across the river Nile as you discover the secrets and riches of ancient Egypt and get through several bonus rounds to stand a chance at becoming as rich as the powerful pharaohs of this ancient civilization.  It is indeed time to have fun with Queen of the Nile 2 and play responsibly in the best casinos around!

Queen of the Nile 2 Slot: Symbols and Paytable

This section of the queen of the Nile slot review will deal with a brief overview of the slot machine game and also provide you with a clear yet concise idea about the major features and the paytable. 

The payable is one of the most essential information-filled sections in this queen of the Nile slot review. It is important as it provides you with a succinct idea regarding the symbols available in a slot machine game and what their monetary value is depending on the combinations formed during gameplay. This helps you in making an informed decision as to whether you will get proper profits from the slot game you are engaged in.


The symbols in the Queen of the Nile 2 Slot are the cards numbered from 9 to K (9, 10, J, Q and K), the ace card (A), plants from the river Nile, the Eye of Horus, the sacred scarab beetle, gold bracelet, pharaoh’s gold headdress and the all-powerful Queen Cleopatra.


The following is the paytable for the Queen of the Nile 2 Slot. This will help you to aim for the highest-paying symbols and get big payouts. 

Symbol3 of a Kind 4 of a Kind 5 of a Kind 
9, 10, J, Q, K 1050200
Nile plants, Eye of Horus 20100500
Scarab beetle 30200800
Gold Bracelet, Pharaoh’s Headdress 502001,500
Cleopatra 2002,0003,000

Note: The payout value of the symbols depends on the coin value. Here, the current value is 20.

Queen of the Nile 2 Slot: Bonus Rounds

The Queen of the Nile 2 Slot has several bonus features that will make the rewards worth playing for. Every time Her Majesty Queen Cleopatra makes her appearance on the screen by substituting a symbol, the reward gets multiplied by 2x.

Egypt is the land of pyramids. So, it is fair enough that three Pyramid symbols together trigger another bonus extravaganza – the free mini-games! How many spins do you get? As many scatter symbols as you have on the reels. The free games reward you in multipliers of 2, 3, 5 and a whopping 10 depending on the number of free spins you accumulate.

Take a look at how to land the major bonuses if you decide to play the Queen of the Nile 2 slot machine game:


Who else but Her Majesty Cleopatra will be the wild symbol? She will show up out of nowhere and lay claim to your reel in all her never-ending glory. She has the power to substitute all the other symbols except the Scatter symbols in the slot machine game. Queen Cleopatra is here to help you navigate the Nile by increasing your chances of winning bigger and better.

She will fill in the gaps as you change the colour of the symbols. If the colour is white, then there will be a Cleopatra substitution. If the colour is orange, then unfortunately you just get the standard reward and not the 2x reward Cleopatra promises you. Try keeping Cleopatra happy and you might just walk away with a truckload of cash.


Travelling to Ancient Egypt and not witnessing the pyramid is a cardinal sin. Therefore the Queen of the Nile 2 slot machine game provides you with the pyramid tomb as the scatter symbol. If you match five such pyramids on all your reels, then you get a massive 400x of your initial wager as a bonus reward. What’s more? The Scatter once landed also enables you to get 15 extra free spins, thereby letting you try out more winning combinations. Feel like Tutankhamun yet?

Gamble Feature

This feature functions as a mini-game inside the Queen of the Nile 2 online slot machine. It offers you a chance to earn more rewards. If you can guess the correct card colour, then you get rewarded with a great 2x bonus payout. Guess the correct card suit and that bonus gets quadrupled. What do you think of this?

Queen of the Nile 2 Slot: How to Play?

Playing the Queen of the Nile 2 slot machine online is as easy as reciting the alphabet. In fact, once you go through this queen of the Nile slot review, you will find the game equivalent to child’s play.

Remember that it is always advisable to play a slot machine game in the demo or free mode a few times before opting for real money play. Since the volatility of this slot game is medium, it promises good gameplay and rewards to both new as well as experienced slot gaming enthusiasts.


The following step-by-step process will give you a fine idea about how to play the Queen of the Nile 2 slot machine game:

  1. Step 1: The first step in order to play the Queen of The Nile 2 slot for real money is to set the betting level. Click on the Settings button and then on the coins icon to fix the bet. Set the pay lines next. You can drag the cursor between 1 to 25 to set the paylines.
  2. Step 2: Set the coin size next. It ranges between 0.01 and 0.25.
  3. Step 3: Now go back to click on the ‘Play’ button and set the reels into motion. You can also click on the ‘Autoplay’ feature and set it 100 times for a hassle-free 100 rounds of spins which will give you plenty of rewards.
  4. Step 4: Remember that in order to get the highest rewards from the Queen of the Nile 2 slot game, you need to unlock the bonus features which include the wild substitution and the scatter-induced free spin play. If you land three or more scatters on the reels, then you need to select amongst the pyramids provided and unlock your multipliers and free spins.

The next section will deal with the buttons that you must understand in order to play and win big at this slot machine game.

Button Functions

The buttons of the Queen of the Nile 2 slot game have been carefully detailed here for the benefit of the player. There is a big and clearly visible ‘Play’ button on the screen the moment you opt to start the game. Clicking on the ‘Settings’ button will take you to the section where you can set your bet levels and decide the betting range.

To change the bet, you can go for two options. Either you can change the number of coins you are putting into the paylines or you can change the coin value size to ensure that you do not topple over your real money budget.

The other buttons include the ‘Autoplay’ button which lets you set the number of spins you want the slot machine to take without you having to repeatedly press the ‘Play’ button. The usual value is 100 spins. Maybe you can get to a bonus Gamble Feature round in this way! There is also a ‘Sound’ button which enables you to turn the music of the game on or off.

Queen of the Nile 2 Slot: RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player. This indicates the max win you can get from this Egyptian-themed slot. As long as you get winning combinations aplenty and score the highest paying symbol to get wild substitutes at least once during the reel spins, the Nile river will give you all its treasures and you will return with a handsome reward even with 94.88% RTP. The medium volatility also ensures that you will get sufficient cash back from this game as it steadily gives you money and yet, leaves room for bonus round wins.

Play Queen of the Nile 2 Online on Mobile

The Nile 2 slot is a mobile-compatible game. You can play this game and practise responsible gaming on this slot on both Android and iOS devices, as long as the software of your mobile supports the gaming format. Instead of demo play, if you are opting for real money play, then ensure that you select the best casinos which will let you play safe. Check the wagering requirements at land-based casinos and add on any new bonuses that you can find.

It is always advisable to download or play Nile 2 slot online only from credible sources or casinos that are trustworthy and practise responsible gaming. Casino apps such as Skol Casino, Lucky Casino, Mr. Green Casino, Vulcan Vegas Casino or Casino Cruise will let you play this game online from your mobile. They also have plenty of bonus offers with plenty of free spins. Check the deposit required and the wagering requirements for the bonus provided and enjoy the Nile 2 slot in all its Egyptian glory.

Queen of the Nile 2 Slot: Pros and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of the Queen of the Nile 2 slot game. 

Pros of the Nile 2 slot game

  • The Queen of the Nile 2 video slot game has a classic structure that resembles traditional land-based casino games. It is therefore easy to understand and has a simple user interface. All you have to do is decide your betting range and coin values and click on the ‘Play’ button.
  • As such with medium volatility and no complex bonus round, you do not have to be a skilled video lot player to play and win at this game. Remember to make a minimum first deposit and try the demo mode the first time you play the Nile 2 slot game.
  • The wild symbol and the scatter symbol let you form winning combinations only using substitutions. There are no complicated manoeuvres that are prevalent in progressive jackpot slot games.
  • Since the Nile 2 slot game is one of the Aristocrat slots, there are no chances of foul play and the video slot is fair to all users.
  • The Gamble Feature is a unique part of this medium volatility slot as it provides you with a bonus offer you cannot refuse. It can be accessed even after you have received the payout by spinning the reels of the Nile 2 slot. This gamble feature enables you to get payouts by guessing the colour of the card (2x) and the suit of the card (4x).
  • The Egyptian-themed slot has some of the best music that really immerses you in an ancient Egyptian experience, making you feel that you are actually on a journey to find the lost treasure of the Nile with Her Highness Cleopatra as your partner.
  • The Nile II software is good and the game runs smoothly on both your PC and your mobile. If you practise real money play, then it is always better to play at Aristocrat-powered casinos.

Cons of the Nile 2 slot game

  • The Queen of the Nile 2 slot game does not really have many features that are different from its predecessor. In that case, the two games resemble each other a lot.
  • The quality of the graphics is not that great in the Nile II slot considering that it is one of the Aristocrat slots.
  • If you are looking for a slot game where you will get plenty of cash through exciting yet complicated bonus rounds and jackpots, then the Nile 2 slot game is not the one for you. This slot game has only the basic wild symbol and scatters symbol substitutions bonuses to get more money.
  • The RTP of the slot game at 94.88% could have been better.


The river Nile waits patiently for you along with all its treasure and the gorgeous Queen Cleopatra who will be your guide and muse on this exotic journey through the lands of Ancient Egypt, with its pyramids and scarab beetles. If you gather enough bonus features and participate in the bonus game using the pyramid combinations, then even with an RTP of 94.88% and medium volatility, you can go back from this ancient Egyptian theme slot game with some mega moolah.

Play the Queen of the Nile 2 online slot game and collect the wild symbol and the free spin feature to get the wild substitutes and the winning combination in order to win big at this Nile ii slot and make the most of this video slot. The max bet you make at this online game might get you the best returns ever. The river Nile and its treasures are waiting for you! Remember that responsible gambling will get you better rewards.