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Posted on: 10 February, 2021

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Using Paysafecard is a Simple Solution

The internet has undoubtedly sped up the world, allowing everyone to find information, have discussions, read the news, and of course, find goods and services to buy. On the other hand, the ease of seeing things doesn’t always mean it’s easy to pay for them. Not everyone has or wants a credit card or trusts unknown companies to handle their personal information. That’s where using Paysafecard becomes a simple solution to buying on the web. Whether you want a pair of shoes or to deposit some cash into a casino site and bet today’s football match, Paysafecard is the solution.

For online gamers, the ability to deposit funds with a digital wallet or voucher system is a critical part of their casino and sports wagering experience. Security and ease of use come with Paysafecard and make players confident that their data and bank information can never be breached since that information is never attached to any voucher.

Paysafecard’s ease of use begins with the fact that you don’t even need a bank account to get started. You can use an account, but if you prefer, you can drop by your favorite convenience store around the corner and buy a card in a convenient amount starting at €10, 25, 50, or 100.

Keep in mind that Paysafecard is not a web wallet. It’s a simple pre-paid online payment system that uses vouchers with a 16-digit PIN code attached to a deposit. Think of it as a one-purchase pre-paid credit card. Independent of any bank account, credit card, or other personal information.

You can now purchase Paysafecard vouchers in more than half-a-million locations around the world. For Skrill users, you may also top-off your Skrill digital (web wallet) wallet using your “my Paysafecard” account. The limits are higher using this method, and customers may load up to €300/£250 at a time. After account verification, your top-ups may go as high as €1,000/£850 per day and up to €3,000/£2,500 in any 30 days.

Once those funds are uploaded, users can spend their cash at any site that uses Skrill payments or even transfer some money to other Skrill digital wallet holders.

The History of Paysafe

The Paysafe Group Limited started as Optimal Payments PLC in 1997 and is now a multi-brand corporation with more than a billion dollars in annual revenue. Essentially, the group grew around online payment processing and has merged and expanded to include brick and mortar purchases as well as entertainment booking/ticketing.

The company’s brands include Paysafecard, Incomeaccess, Paysafe: cash, Neteller, Skrill, and PCS Payments – Petroleum Card Services. This range of products and their continuing expansion (and impressive increases in income) lend credence to the idea that the company is sound, strong, and safe.

The Paysafe business started as Netbanx in 1996, followed by Optimal Payments in 1997 and Neteller two years later – creating Neteller PLC. That company raised $69 million in a public offering (IPO) for the London Stock Exchange in 2004 and gave it a strong growth foundation.

After the shutdown of US internet gaming, Neteller’s customers from the US could not use the existing structure for online gaming. At that point, the company focused on more robust markets with favorable gaming structures and expanding its reach with thousands of retailers worldwide.

In 2008 the company renamed itself Neovia Financial PLC while retaining its brands, including Neteller. Two years later, the company again purchased smaller competitors, the largest of which was Canada’s Optimal Payments. The group then became known as Optimal Payments PLC.

If you aren’t confused yet, well, there’s more. After taking an even larger share of the global market for web wallets, e-wallets, and pre-paid debit cards, Optimal pushed back into the United States market by purchasing Meritus Payment Solutions and Global Merchant Advisors Inc. in a $240 million deal.

The following year of 2015 also saw the company leading into the wind with the Skrill group’s purchase and pre-paid voucher company Paysafecard, which carried a premium price of over €1.1 billion. Optimal Payments became the Paysafe Group shortly after that.

Paysafe, then located on the Isle of Man, became a significant player in global payment solutions, regulated by the United Kingdom and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In 2017, Paysafe was taken-over by a partnership including The Blackstone Group and CVC Capital Partners for £2.96 billion – the largest private equity-backed takeover for any London listed company in the past decade.

The year 2019 brought “Brexit” to the forefront, and Paysafe Group transferred its EEA (European Economic Area) business to a new home in Ireland called Paysafe Payment Solutions Limited. It is regulated by the Irish financial services regulator, the Central Bank of Ireland. Shortly after that, Openbucks became another piece of Paysafe’s eCash group in a takeover.

In December of 2020, the company merged with Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corporation in a $9 billion transaction.

Paysafe’s Products and services

PaySafe is represented by seven major brands, each with a specific niche in the payment processing business that internet and retail users find desirable.

IncomeAccess works mainly as an affiliate marketing provider offering additional business intelligence products.

Neteller is specifically a digital or web wallet where customers may deposit, withdraw, or transfer funds to and from gaming sites (and other retailers) and other people. The Net+ portion of Neteller offers pre-paid debit card services in several currencies and is accepted via MasterCard at most retailers.

Skrill also offers money transfers and payments over the internet and can handle transfers from Paysafecard. Skrill also offers international money transfers in a low-cost medium.

Paysafecard is the intelligent source of this discussion as a pre-paid method allowing customers to make online payments via a 16-number pin code without ever needing a credit card or bank account.

Payolution allows customers to delay full payment on e-commerce purchases with a buy now, pay later feature.

Fans Entertainment offers mobile commerce ticket ordering through their App.

OPCS – PCS Payments is a Petroleum Card Service offering payment and processing solutions for independent gas stations and convenience stores.

Overall, Paysafe offers business solutions and payment security to buyers and businesses in more than 120 markets and more than 70 payment systems.

Why You Want to Use Paysafecard

Although there are various reasons for using the Paysafecard system, such as low fees and ease of use, the safe and secure way of transferring money seems to be the most prominent feature driving the use of their vouchers.

Worldwide brands and stores in many countries sell Paysafecard vouchers, including epay, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Blackhawk, King Kullen, MoneyGram, Pilot-Flying, and others. The long list of outlets includes 650,000 petrol stations, newsagents, and supermarkets in 50 countries.

It’s as simple as choosing a purchase amount and handing a convenience store clerk the cash to get the individual and secured 16-pin voucher. As long as you don’t drop the voucher on the way home or using your Mobile phone, your purchase and the amount available are safe. Nobody else can use the number to transfer the cash you deposited with Paysafecard.

It’s necessary to remind the reader that no personal information is available to anyone else by speaking safely, even if you lose your voucher. A Paysafecard purchase requires no bank account, credit card, or other intrusions into your data. Just buy and use.

That ease makes Paysafecard perfect for making purchases or depositing to your favorite casino or bookmaker, who will place your cash into your account for use whenever you wish. If your bookie is safe, so is your money.

Withdrawing cash from your casino gaming site is another matter. There are no provisions for withdrawals to Paysafecard at this time. That means that after your run of luck has subsided a bit and you decide to take some cash out of your account, you’ll need to choose a withdrawal option. That can be a deposit to a web wallet like PayPal or Neteller, to a card account such as Skrill, or perhaps a direct bank deposit through a service such as Trustly.

For most online casino sites, a direct deposit to a web wallet is quickest, but a bank transfer or courier check may also be offered. Keep in mind that those options may be slowest and also involve the most cost. Always check for fees when you cash out from your gaming site!

Paysafecard Security

As earlier mentioned, if you can find your way to a shop and get your cash to the clerk for a voucher, you’ll know your purchase is safe.

Treat your Paysafecard like cash, and you’ll be fine. As for internet safety, the Paysafecard administration tool lets users store their pins in a single place. Their online transfers/purchases require just a username and password. Behind the scenes, a security-dedicated customer vault detects any possible intrusion into the payment system. A team of professional IT and security officers works 24/7 always to keep your card and cash safe. Still, there are guidelines you should always follow to keep your information safe.

First, make sure you are only entering a Paysafecard PIN at an authorized online shop. Don’t ever share your password or account name with anyone, regardless of why they say they need it.

So that you know, Paysafe does not consider Government authorities or institutions to be authorized webshops. This includes courts and law firms, so never pay a reminder fee or a fine with a Paysafecard!

If you aren’t sure, decline and call the Paysafecard service number shown on the Paysafecard website and report any demands or possible scams.

Due to the many security mechanisms put in place by Paysafecard administrators, it is impossible to hack your voucher or 16-digit Pin. With that in mind, never believe anyone saying there is software that can do so. If anyone contacts you purporting to know or have information on a software scam – they are the scammers. Don’t ever give your information to them.

Suppose you are somehow involved in any disagreement, possible scam, or other issue with a Paysafecard voucher. In that case, you may lock your PIN by logging into the Paysafecard site and protecting your existing balance.

Once locked, a pin can never be used again to make payments. Instead, you’ll need to request a balance refund. There is a $7.50 fee for this service.

Creating A Paysafecard Account

It’s easy to create a Paysafecard account using your home computer (why take the chance and use a public one?) or a mobile device, and it takes only two minutes. You don’t need an account to purchase at one of those 650,000 locations worldwide. And, the Paysafecard App can help pinpoint a sales outlet on your smartphone that is close-by. Downloads are available for Android and iOS.

Just set a username and password – then enter any 16-digit pin vouchers you have, and you are all set. The software will keep track of your vouchers, your purchases, and you can check your balance at any time.

Online Gaming with Paysafecard

Using Paysafecard to pay for online games is simple, and you’ll never have to provide personal information, credit card info, or register a bank account. MOBAs, MMOs, games of skill, and chance are all available with your card – voucher.

Games like Minecraft, Aion, Dropzone, Farmerama, Twitch, and hundreds more are just waiting for you, and that includes licensed online gaming. In the US, Paysafecard is currently only allowed in New Jersey through Bet 365 as a licensed gambling network.

Paysafecard Fees

There is a fee to use the Paysafe Card system of vouchers purchased in amounts such as $10, $20, $50, $100, and $200 to reach the desired total amount. Download the Paysafecard App from the App Store or Google play for ease of use.

For new customers, there is a $300 maximum amount, and fees charged at epay and MoneyGram are:

$1.49 for a $10 voucher; $2.49 for $25; $3.49 for $50 and $100.

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