Play safe

Please note that it is against the law for anybody to gamble UNDER the age of 18.

Tips and advice on how you can stay in control of your gambling to keep it fun and ensure you are always gambling responsibly can be found below. If you are concerned about your gambling or that of a friend or family member, there are some tips on where to seek professional help and how Free Super Tips can help you gamble responsibly.

If you choose to gamble, do so for entertainment purposes.

Gambling should be considered entertainment and not a source of income. As long as you gamble for fun and not take it seriously, you will be able to stay in control of your gambling activities and, consequently, stay safe.

However, as soon as you start considering gambling as a way to earn money, you’ll have to rethink your approach. Many gambling addicts go around chasing losses, which usually result in losing even more money and facing many other social and psychological problems.

Sometimes, it may be tempting to stick to the approach that gambling should be done just for fun, especially if you’re on a roll and you’re getting big prizes. But luck works in mysterious ways, and being on a winning streak doesn’t last forever, so it’s important to take that into account and keep a clear head.

Set a dollar limit and stick to it.

Every responsible gambler believes planning your budget is essential for any kind of gambling. Basically, there are two limits you need to set — loss limit and win limit.

The loss limit will cap how much you’re ready to lose. It’s important to bring only the amount you’re prepared to part with and consider it a fee for playing casino games. For example, if you decide to spend £50, don’t go a single penny over that — just think of it as losing the game. As long as you wager only the initial £50, you can consider yourself a winner, regardless of the outcome.

Some players tend to get carried away if they’re on a winning streak, which is why win limits are important as well. For instance, if you set your winning cap to £200 and reach that amount after some time, you should stop playing and come back another day. Winning too much money can lead to getting carried away and spending all your winnings. No player wants to do this, but those who don’t plan their budget upfront often fail this test.

Don’t use your credit card to gamble.

If you’re gambling in a land-based casino, bring cash only — that is, the exact amount you are prepared to spend on this type of entertainment. If you use your credit card, there’s a chance you’ll succumb to your impulses and spend more money than you’ve initially intended to. We’re not saying everyone will do the same, but many players aren’t even aware that they can fall victim to the addictive nature of gambling.

Things get a bit more complex in online casinos. To prevent yourself from spending too much money, you can always explore available responsible gambling options on the platform of your choice. Namely, many online casinos let players set limits to their deposits, which is helpful for impulsive users.

Educate yourself about problem gambling.

Not every player who makes a couple of impulsive decisions will become a problem gambler. Still, it’s important to learn what gambling addiction looks like in order to understand when it’s time to seek professional help. There are many great sources on the web that discuss the nature of this problem.

The first thing you should take into account is that it’s a health issue that can be treated. Pay special attention to what gambling addiction symptoms look like, as they often involve strained relations with people around you, chasing losses, and even depression and anxiety.

There are various ways to treat a gambling problem, including one-on-one therapy, medications, self-help groups, and more.

Don’t increase your betting to make up for money you lost.

This is often referred to as “chasing losses,” and it’s one of the most common ways in which some players inflict harm upon themselves. Trying to get your money back by playing casino games, even more, is never a good approach, so if you get the urge to make bigger bets after a bad session, try to recognize it and suppress it by rationalizing the impulse.

Don't let your emotions take over

Emotions can be tricky when playing casino games. Don’t take this the wrong way — it’s perfectly normal and healthy to experience emotions in these circumstances, as that’s what makes these games entertaining and exciting. The problem is when you let your emotions dictate what you do when playing these games.

If you’re a passionate person, it’s important to recognize when you’re having an emotional reaction and understand that it’s just the current feeling. Let it happen, but don’t let it cloud your judgment.

Don't rely on betting strategies

You’ll come across various betting strategies for a wide array of games. In some cases, they can help you increase your chances of winning. For example, applying the appropriate strategy in blackjack can minimize the element of chance.

However, you shouldn’t forget that all casino games are still games of chance and should be approached as such. In other words, there’s no secret formula that will help you beat the game — you’ll have to rely on your luck as an important factor. If you’re lucky, you’ll win. However, there will also be plenty of bad sessions when you lose — that’s how gambling works.

Also, please understand that there are many ineffective strategies that won’t help you in any way. They are usually designed for games such as roulette to give you an impression of making progress. These are also known as bankroll management strategies.

Seek professional help if you think you have a gambling problem

Finally, it’s important to recognize if you or someone you know has a gambling problem. In that case, make sure to seek professional help right away. Don’t forget to research available clinics in your area and read more about the nature of gambling addiction. You can also call your doctor and hear some new suggestions about the options available to you.