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Posted on: 10 February, 2021

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Citadel Commerce and Instant Payments Online

Citadel Commerce UK Limited is a payment processor based in England. The corporation began in 2000 and was incorporated as Citadel in 2005. With more than 20-years years of growing interest in banks, payment processing, and finance, Citadel Bank has perfected a system for instant payments that is perfect for online casino users and gaming enthusiasts.

The company is authorized to do business by the Financial Conduct Authority under 2017 Payment Services Regulations (Payment Services – business number 575193) to process payment services. It is not a web wallet or e-wallet; it is a web payment processor that facilitates your purchases and acts as a safe conduit from your bank to the retail merchant. In this manner, they are similar to Sofort – Klarna, managing payments in a larger swath of the global market – namely:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Citadel also handles Federal Government-sponsored credit agencies engaged in guaranteeing or making loans. Their offices in England are at 20-22 Bedford Row London, WC1R4JS United Kingdom, and they are a member of the UK’s Electronic Money Association. Citadel adheres to Anti-Money Laundering procedures in all jurisdictions where their instant payments are offered.

Services for Online Casino Players

Although most online merchants and casinos are reputable businesses, some players are wary of giving specific ID and confidential banking information over the web. Citadel takes the fear out of online payment processing by vetting all contacts and business entities that they do business with, so staying with organizations that offer “Instant Payment by Citadel” has a heightened security ranking, to begin with.

Also, because Citadel is the payment processor, your banking information is never passed to online sites, and your ID stays safe. You’ll never have to give those outlets your bank numbers or wait for unnecessary validation that could delay your purchase or deposit.

With Citadel, there’s no need for a web wallet and no account setup process to hassle through. You follow a series of quick, simple steps, and your money will make its way from your bank to your bookie spot, and you can get to gaming!

How to Use Citadel

Your payments can be processed anytime with a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. With Citadel’s safe and sophisticated technology, you are assured of supremely protected personal data on every transaction.

You don’t even need to go to the Citadel website; browse your favorite online shops and when you’ve decided on a purchase or want to deposit at your gaming outlet, choose “Instant Payments” from the checkout form at the site’s cashier.

Next, click on your bank’s logo in the dropdown menu and log into your bank. Select the account (checking or savings) you’d like to use and approve the payment. Your bank will verify the Citadel processing, and your bookie or merchant will get instant approval of your payment – and your transaction is finished!

At this time, instant payments are available to buyers in 17 countries. Users must be 18 years of age or older and have a bank account – one of more than 300 supported financial institutions. So long as your bank account is active with sufficient funds, you’ll be able to complete your transaction.

There are limits placed on your account during your first transaction based on your bank and the merchant with whom you are transacting business. Because of this, you may find that the limit placed on your payments varies (if you use more than one bank) at different times or different merchants. Casinos and gaming sites usually have limitations, but reaching those limits will again vary based on your bank.

There is no reason to contact Citadel, as your spending limit will increase automatically as you make successful payments through their system. To view those transactions, you can log into your bank account or check your bank statement. Each Instant Payment transaction is listed as a fund transfer to Citadel Commerce, not the actual merchant who received your deposited money.

Citadel only collects the information necessary to finalize each transfer and to maintain your account history. Your specific login and password are not stored, nor are they ever shared with any other 3rd party.

Funds used by you will be removed from your bank account based on your banks’ policies, often immediately but occasionally the next day. Once a transaction is approved, the merchant receives the cash and promptly delivers your goods or credit your gaming account. Citadel Bank isn't actually a bank, it only acts as a transfer agent, so any issues should be directed to the merchant only.

Keep in mind that Citadel is a processor only. If you have issues with your merchant, discuss the problem with them immediately. If it appears there is a problem, get a customer service agent from your bank on the phone quickly to let them know there is a problem with a purchase or deposit you’ve made. Speed is essential with any banking issues.

If you receive a refund or credit from your merchant, it too will be automatically deposited to your bank account promptly. Any issues with non-performance should be directed to the merchant.

Instant Payments are borderless and support the local currency in each of the 17 listed countries. When you make a purchase, your money will automatically be converted to your merchant’s currency. You’ll see the transaction process displayed at the purchase point on your screen.

Citadel Safety and Security

Instant Payments adheres to the same privacy protection standards used by their supported banks. Each customer can expect the company’s enhanced security and technology to protect every transaction.

Your banking information is never stored in any Citadel program or system and always stays with the user and their bank. When making a transaction, multi-factor authentication presented by your bank will verify ownership of any bank account. All communication between buyers and Instant Payments is fully encrypted to shield sensitive data from theft and fraud.

Communication between consumers and Instant Payments is encrypted to protect sensitive data from fraud. Their system architecture is designed by IT and Security experts using the latest state-of-the-art software designed to prevent fraud and hacks.

They take their security and data encryption software seriously and use proprietary tools to protect you. Still, should you ever have doubts, you can send details to, and they’ll investigate the situation quickly. Their systems and protection are overseen by the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK, where Citadel Commerce UK Limited is registered as number Z9656891. Users can also reach the UK Information Commissioner’s Office at

Citadel Data Storage

Citadel and Instadebit are associated brands of Paramount Commerce and do use your data in safe ways, including:

  1. Data storage about consumers, merchants, staff, and suppliers provides payments and identity service work.
  2. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) you provide during the use of their services. No internet banking information from any source – logins or passwords, are ever stored. Other items do include consumer information such as name and address, emails, bank account numbers, transaction amounts, and merchants paid.
  3. For merchants, data stored includes contact information, names, transaction histories, bank account numbers, and settlement balances.
  4. For suppliers, identical items are stored as well as contract details and renewal dates.

Data may be accessed or processed in the UK and Malta as well as in Canada. IT servers and databases are located in Amazon Web Services in Ireland. The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) states that individuals have the right to be informed, have access to their account information, and ask to have information updated, deleted, restricted, and even stopped.

For Merchants Offering Instant Payments

Instant Payments offers e-commerce merchants’ payment processing as a low-cost, low-risk solution for accepting bank transfer payments from buyers across borders and 17 countries.

The payment processing solutions provide access to over a billion people who may already be using online banking and bill payment and who can benefit from quick transfers for merchant purchases.

Citadel’s software integration reduces steps and automates the consumer experience of making payments while eliminating lost charges, mail delays, and the errors associated with bank account numbers and amounts. Built-in foreign exchange and support for local languages and currencies is another bonus.

Online Gamers Ready to Play

There are several things to consider about Citadel for online gamers ready to play at sites across the internet.

First, many gaming sites, casinos, and sports wagering properties offer Instant Payment from Citadel. There is never a fee charged to you by Citadel. Any costs they charge are usually paid by the merchant or casino, although you should read the terms and conditions before any purchase or deposit is made. Once you click the button to buy or deposit — it’s on you!

As a payment processor, not a web wallet, Citadel is happy to help you transfer your money to an established business partner casino or gaming site. Deposits are great. Withdrawals are another story you’ll want to plan for before you deposit.

When you use an e-wallet like Neteller, you may incur charges to move money around the internet. That’s a fact of life on the web. But, it’s a handy way of having quick access. However, casinos are less likely to transfer money directly to your bank account than an e-wallet. That’s not a reflection on Citadel (or Sofort, or Klarna, or Instadebit); they don’t like to do it.

So, you might get lucky and be using a casino that will deposit for you through Citadel, but the odds are against you. If that’s the case, then you will have to use another option. The first way, and the easiest, is to get your winnings transferred to a web wallet like Neteller or PayPal. It’s fast and easy – only limited somewhat by your bookie.

Your other options for transfers include bank wire services and courier checks. Most gaming sites will limit your withdrawals to a certain Euro/Dollar amount – and it’s usually smaller than what you are trying to get your hands on. And they charge for each withdrawal. The good part is that a bank wire is fast, but they might whack you for $25 or $30.

Courier checks take longer, usually a week or so, to approve and then that long to make it to your mailbox. Try to be patient; the withdrawal rate and fees may be reduced as you spend more time (and money) at your favorite site.

For those of you aching to get some money in action, make sure you read your gaming site’s terms and conditions before depositing any cash. And read the promotion and bonus descriptions before making a deposit. It’s always a good idea to be cautious when playing online, but the web provides exceptional sites with great First Deposit bonuses, so don’t short yourself.

You still need to use caution, but because the best bonuses are usually tied to your initial deposit, you don’t want to skimp on that first stake and find that you could have gotten a full 100% or more if you had deposited a more significant amount.

At the same time, withdrawing winning after accepting a promotion usually involves a set number of play-throughs, such as 30-times the deposit and bonus. That means if you deposit €100 and get €100 in reward, you’ll need to wager 30 x €200 or make €6000 in wagers before withdrawing. So, again, please read the rules and be prepared to meet them!

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