Babushkas is a unique and intriguing video slot developed by Thunderkick. While the name of this slot may be hard to pronounce – the rules and additional features are easy to understand. The slot follows a motif based on Russian culture by using the colourful and lively Babushkas dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls, along with an upbeat background tune that almost has a folk music flare. The video slot features 5 engaging reels and 17 fixed payline. Moreover, the game features wild symbols, upgradable symbols, free spins, and a bonus game with guaranteed wild symbols.

Themes and symbols

The Babushkas video slot features an array of Babushka dolls that are varying in age and size. Depending on the spin, you might even see one of the Babushka dolls reveal one of the many bears inside of them. Each one of the bears gives some type of rewards, sometimes it being a symbol being upgraded, free spins, or wild symbols. The slot features a simplistic background that gives the appearance of soft knitted material. The Babushka dolls are quite friendly as well, and their ages range from young to extremely old, and their sizes depend on the age of the doll. This video slot features simple yet well-designed graphics, an upbeat and lively background soundtrack, along with an array of bonuses and wild symbols.

The reels are carefully designed to be in the centre of the knitted background, thus giving the appearance of the dolls being tactically placed in an organised fashion. The Babushkas double as the symbols and are quite lively – some are rattling while others are blinking and moving their eyes to look at one another. Each one of the symbols can pop open to either reveal another Babushka doll or one of the bear dolls, which makes this slot even more interesting, suspenseful, and fun.

Special Features

The Babushkas slot features an array of special features that can help reward a generous payout. The wild symbol, which is represented as a colourful Babushka doll with a blue and black “W” and can substitute all other symbols. If the wild symbol shows a star over the “W”, it will reveal one of the three mystery features, which are represented by three bears.

Scare Bear

The scare bear Babushkas doll has a fearsome expression and is surrounded by lightning bolts. This mystery feature allows the lowest value symbols to be upgraded in sequences. This can take place as many as three times depending on the size of the bear.

Charm Bear

This bear is represented by the bear sporting a winking face and being surrounded by colourful hearts. It allows for symbols to upgrade by 1 level.

Dance Bear

This bear features a Russian button bayan that is surrounded by music notes. It rewards seven free spins along with a new wild symbol will appear on the third reel during each spin.

This video slot also features a wipe symbol that upgrades all featured symbols after the initial winning combination only if they are of the same value. Additionally, if all the reels are filled with the symbol “0”, then they will be upgraded to the ghost symbol. This will pay an addition 100x their original bet.

Babushkas Bonuses

The Babushkas only features one bonus game that is only accessible if the same colour Babushka dolls form a winning line. Depending on the player’s luck, this bonus will continue as the dolls will continue to shed one layer resulting in a higher combined win.


The Babushkas video slot features a unique concept that is not commonly seen with other video slots. The simplistic yet interactive design is extremely engaging and fun. Plus, the Russian themes featured in this slot gave the game an interesting twist. The additional wild symbols and bonuses are a nice addition and allow the player to double and triple their total winnings.

The only downside is the lack of multiple bonuses that can be won. However, the multitude of special features, such as the three bears and their rewards, along with the possible payout from the one bonus that is offered make up for the lack of having multiple rewards featured in this video slot.