Barber Shop Uncut Slot is an online video slot based on the classic and timeless barber shop of Monsieur Stache, and the array of interesting clientele and facial hair options that clients enter the shop with.

The lively barber shop is filled with all the materials needed to have a successful hair care business such as shaving cream, beard brushes, combs, razors, scissors, and of course the clients. This slot was created by Thunderkick and features 15 reels and 40 exciting fixed paylines. Furthermore, Barber Shop incorporates additional features that make it more enjoyable such as re-spins, bonus games, and free spins. All are in place to provide you with the excitement needed to win higher payouts and a fantastic haircut or shave while you are at it.

Themes and symbols

The theme that this follows is of a timeless barber shop. The upbeat background music gives the overall slot the feeling of liveliness and comfortability that all barber shop patrons should feel while getting their facial hair trimmed. Like a real barber shop, each client is unique and wants a different look. The background setting of Barber Shop Uncut is what one would expect to see in a real barber shop, and it offers the same tools of the trade such as bottles of products, two side windows that display the name of the barber shop and people consistently walking past. There are cutely designed symbols, energetic music, and an array of bonuses and spin options that are sure to impress.

The reels of the Barber Shop Uncut slot are centred in the middle of the store and feature two windows on both sides of the slot, along with additional bottles of products placed in the background. The symbols are given a more cartoon look, and this goes towards giving it is credibility. The slot takes place in a barber shop, and that only adds to its allure and supports its theme. Each of the symbols is related to what is commonly used and seen in various barber shops of the past, and even in a few of the modern ones as well. Some of these symbols include the iconic red and white barber's pole, loyal clientele, and the tools needed to shape and style all sorts of facial hair.

Special Features

Unfortunately, the Barber Shop Uncut slot does not feature any wild symbols that will aide in the player gaining a larger payout or additional wins. However, this video slot does incorporate welcome bonuses, re-spins and free spins. The bonus symbol in the game is represented by a red and white barber pole that features the word “bonus” on it.


The re-spin option in the video slot is unlimited. If the player spins a play line or three or more bonus symbols, a re-spin will be activated. However, the symbols that activated the re-spin will be frozen in place while all the other symbols are spinning. If luck is on the players' side and they spin another winning combination, the result can see big wins that can be multiplied by two.

Inwinity Spin

This option is only activated once all the free spins given in a bonus game have been played. The Inwinity spin allows for the reels to continue spinning until a win is received, regardless if it is via a payline or additional bonus symbols.

Barber Shop Uncut Slot Bonuses

The Barber Shop Uncut slot only features one bonus, which is gifted to the player after they spin three bonus symbols on any of the reels. To win the bonus game, the player must spin at least five bonus symbols at a given time. Get more bonuses at Genie Wild Slot Review

Each bonus game rewards the player with ten additional free spins. Any additional bonus symbols grant two more free spins, however, the maximum number of free spins being capped at thirty.


The Barber Shop Uncut video slot is a simplistic slot game with easy to follow rules. The artwork is cute and cartoonish, and the animations featured in this game are extremely well-done. Plus, the fact that the colours change from a bright sunny day to a golden hue due to the time changing in the shop is a nice addition and adds to the realistically of the game.

One shortcoming that this slot featured was the lack of wild symbols. However, the unlimited amount of re-spins along with the additional free spins made up for this issue. Plus, the opportunities to win big were frequent enough to give players the chance to increase their winnings by the end of their playing session.