Birds On A Wire is an engaging and unique video slot that is colourful and features amazingly smooth graphics and animations. It follows the adventures of an array of colorful and interesting birds as they test their luck while being perched on a high voltage wire. Thunderkick is the proud designer of Birds On A Wire; a slot that features 5 reels with 17 amusing fixed paylines. The game is well-designed and offers a cartoon-like style which is popular with many slot enthusiasts. The game also incorporates dropping symbols, wild symbols, high voltage multipliers, an engaging bonus game with free spins, and the ever-popular Inwinity spin, a trademark bonus feature only found with Thunderkick slots.

Themes and symbols

The background of this video slot is simplistic as all its features are a few trees, a stunningly clear and bright blue sky, and the high voltage wires that the birds are constantly sitting on. During each spin, all the birds will fly off before a different group of birds will take their place on the high voltage wires. When a win takes place, the birds are shocked off the wires, and new birds take their place to allow for additional winning payline wins. However, some birds, such as the black crow are more likely to get shocked than others as he has a special role to play on those pesky wires. This slot is filled with a well-fitting and lively background soundtrack, crafty animations, an array of creatively designed birds, and some of the best graphics for a simply styled slot game.

The slot is styled to be in front of a lively background full of green trees, rolling hills, and a clear blue sky. On the left side of the slot is a visual of the multipliers, while the birds that are perched on the dangerous high voltage wire are centred in the middle. The symbols perfectly follow the overall theme of the slot, and they are quite mobile, seeing as each time the reels are spin the birds fly away in unison. A few of the symbols that stand out the most are the larger and darker birds and the “bird” that seemingly looks more like a cat in a box than a bird.

Special Features

The Birds On A Wire video slot features an array of special features that aid the player in achieving more wins and additional winnings on top of their original amount. Each one of these features is unlimited and can appear multiple times after each spin.

Dropping Symbols

This feature is prevalent with every spin. After the player received a winning payline or a bonus, the slot will automatically spin, and new birds will take the place of the shocked ones. If this happens up to five times in a row, the player will receive an x5 multiplier.

High Voltage Multipliers

For each win on a dropping symbol, the multiplier will increase one level. The multiplier levers are different on the regular slot and the bonus game. For the regular slot, the multipliers are x1, x2, x3, x5. During the bonus game, the multipliers are bumped up to x4, x8, x12, and x20.

Inwinity Spin

The Inwinity spin is only activated after all the free spins during a bonus game have been played. With this special feature active, the slot will continuously spin until a player lands a win, whether it be via payline or another bonus activating.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by a large grey and black bird that looks like it has streets running across its body. The wild symbol can substitute all symbols, excluding the bonus symbols. If five wild symbols appear, a win of 200x will be the reward.

Birds On A Wire Bonuses

The Birds On A Wire® slot only features on bonus game, which is activated when three or more bonus symbols are present on the board at the same time. The bonus symbol takes the appearance of a cat hiding in a box. The bonus game starts off with ten automatic free spins. Any additional bonus symbols that appear will award two additional free spins, with the maximum that can be won in any given free spin bonus being thirty-four.


Birds On A Wire is an interesting and unique slot. The overall design of the slot is reminiscent of a cute mobile app, and the background soundtrack is lively and extremely well-fitting. The additional bonuses and special features make this game even more engaging seeing how players are given ample chances to increase their payout and their wins. Personally, this slot seems to be extremely well-made and does not feature any major issues that would make it less enjoyable to play. The bonuses and special features are plentiful, the animations and graphics are smooth, and the game itself is just fun to play.