Esqueleto Explosivo is an online casino slot video game that has the Mexican Day of the Dead as its theme. It is a fun recreational online casino activity that is easily available to everyone on their mobile devices. 

The layout of the game has 5 reels and 17 pay lines. To celebrate its theme, it has a 5×3 set of exploding skulls who sing a happy Mexican tune every time a player wins. 

This game provides a multiplier for each consecutive win, which begins at 1x and can go up to 32x. This is a beginner-friendly slot game in online casinos as it is fairly easy to understand and is not too risky as a gambling game with its high RTP and wide range of bets that can be placed with lively eye-catching graphics that make it a fun experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Take your pick of the best online casino website to start playing. 

But, before all that, do read this Esqueleto Explosivo slot game review and play responsibly to get a winning combination like never before. 


Esqueleto Explosivo has an overall fun experience which builds on the following features:

  1. Attractive lively graphics and catchy soundtracks.
  2. A wide range of bets can be placed beginning from 10p to £100.
  3. They have a very high RTP which basically means the players have a fairly good chance of winning.
  4. The symbols drop in a progressive way that enhances the multiplier which begins from one but consecutive wins can go up to 32.
  5. The Explosivo Wild can be triggered at random moments which can remove up to 8 symbols at a time, enhancing your chances to win.
  6. This game gives a great max winning rate which can go up to 700x which is fairly high considering this is a low variance game.
  7. There are plenty of free games which are a part of the Esqueleto Explosivo slot machine game. Online gambling is at its best here with jackpot games and exploding skull symbols that outdo your initial cash funds. 
  8. Present in the catalogue of plenty of popular casino sites with a host of casino bonuses. 
  9. Demo mode or Free mode of the Esqueleto Explosivo slot is available to play. 


The following are a few of the cons of the Esqueleto Explosivo slot game: 

  1. Esqueleto Explosivo does not have a lot of cons as it is a fairly easy game with high winning odds, except maybe the fact that it does not have any free spin rounds.
  2. The max bet is high (£100) which means that this slot game is amenable mainly to those with a lot of bank balance. 
  3. The base game jackpot is not that great and therefore you have to wait for the dropping symbols, live casino bonus and the bonus game in order to get all the action.
  4. There are no progressive jackpots in the Esqueleto Explosivo slot game so the maximum win is not as high.

How to Play Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Online?

We go online to the casino site where we can get our stake by clicking the poker chip icon and selecting the bet we want to place from the offered range. Once the stake is decided, we can go ahead and press the spin button which would begin the game.

Gameplay table:

  • Bet: Here we can adjust our total bet. We can choose from a wide betting range beginning from a minimum bet of £0.10 to a maximum bet of £100.
  • Spin: We start the game with this and wait for the skulls to fall on the pay lines as we collect our winnings.
  • Auto Play: We can play up to 100 automated spins using the ‘AutoPlay' button and calculate our total win or loss at the end.

Free Spins Esqueleto Explosivo

Take a look at the Esqueleto Explosivo online slot free spins features and more below.

Esqueleto Explosivo Free Spins No Deposit

Esqueleto Explosivo does not provide any free spin rounds as mentioned earlier. The free spins no deposit feature is available in the new release of the game, the 2.0 version which provides up to 20 free spins with no deposits required.

Slot Features

In Esqueleto Explosivo video slots, there are 17 fixed pay lines in the game. A win is awarded when a combination of three or more matching symbols land along one of the pay lines. 

The identical symbols must appear in sequence from the leftmost reel in order for the line to be paid out. The game has Explosivo wild, which is a special symbol which can blow up to 8 symbols at a time.

Bonus Symbols

Esqueleto Explosivo is a game where the slots are according to the theme of the Day of the Dead which has five basic symbols each of which is a differently decorated skull. The game sees these skulls arranged in stacks of three, which sit on top of five Mariachi playing skeletons. With each game round, the skulls fall and are replaced with new skulls that drop from above. 

If five Turquoise Skulls land on a pay line, you will receive 0.7x your bet. Orange-coloured five skeletons on a pay line award 0.9x your bet. 

You will get 1.2x your bet for landing five Blue Skulls on a pay line and 1.4x your bet for five Green Skulls. 

The Pink Skull has the highest value, awarding 2.5x your bet for landing five of them on a pay line. 

The Yellow Skull is the Explosivo wild symbol.

Top reasons why we rated Esqueleto Explosivo: Excellent Experience

Esqueleto Explosivo provides a great experience game and can be easily recommended as a fun casino video game as:

  1. It has a thrilling theme and great visuals.
  2. This is relatively easy and player friendly.
  3. It has reduced house edge and in turn great odds for the players.
  4. This game has a high maximum winning for a game of low variance.

Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Review Conclusion

There are many reasons why this game holds an edge over traditional 3-reel machines. The graphics are much livelier and the soundtracks used are catchy. 

Many find the game is made much more gripping because of its unique theme. On top of that, this game is fairly easy to play; even beginners can try their hand at it.

This has a whooping 32x times multiplier for consecutive wins as it has a wide betting range and high RTP making it attractive to the public eye.