Esqueleto Explosivo is an explosive online video slot that follows the tale of Enrico Mortis and his loyal and entertaining mariachi band, The Boners. In preparation to perform a musical number for the celebration of the popular Mexican holiday, The Day Of The Dead. The player must help sort out the band's skulls so that they are matched with the correct body, the reward being a cash prize. This festive slot was developed by Thunderkick and features five reels and seventeen fixed paylines. This slot furthers stuns with its dropping symbols, Mucho multiplier, and its explosive wild symbol.

Themes and symbols

The theme of this slot is all about the highly anticipated Day Of The Dead celebration. Enrico and his famed mariachi band, The Boners are n the process of tuning their instruments and getting ready to sing when suddenly the band lost their heads. Now the player must help The Bones find their correct heads before they’re supposed to perfect for the celebration. This musical slot is filled with lovely funfair music, singing skills, amazing 3D graphics, and smooth animations that are as eye-catching as the colourful singing sugar skulls.

The reels are located on top of the bodies of the band, which are seated peacefully on a stage. The souring festival lights bright illuminates each one of the reels and makes the overall scene livelier. The symbols, that perfectly match the theme of the slot, are the sugar skulls themselves, each one being unique and featuring an interesting design. A few of the key symbols that players should keep an eye out for are the romantic pink skull, the decorative green skull, the moustache sporting blue skull, the orange, and cracked skull, and finally the teal skull that's a bit wider than the rest.

Special Features

Esqueleto Explosivo features an array of special features that will aid in the player's quest to generate more winning combinations that pay. Each one of the features is unlimited, meaning that as long as the player is lucky enough to spin them, the player can use them.

Dropping Symbols

Any symbols that are a part of winning payline will remain in place or will be replaced by new ones. This will continue for the duration of the game if there are new wins.

Mucho Multiplier

For each winning payline or a dropping symbol, at least one explosive wild symbol will appear. This will cause the multiplier to increase by one level. The multiplier increases in the following: x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, while x32 is the maximum amount.

Explosivo Wild Symbol

The explosive wild symbol is represented by a golden skull that's sporting a pair of luxurious sunglasses. The explosive wild symbol will substitute all other symbols present on the board. The explosive wild symbol will always blow up all eight of the closet surrounding symbols for giving players a new chance to win and increase the multiplier by one.

Esqueleto Explosivo Bonuses

Unfortunately, Esqueleto Explosivo does not include any additional bonuses or bonus rounds. Despite this shortcoming, the game still has a high theoretical player return percentage, so players will still have a chance to win big as they play.


Esqueleto Explosivo is a unique and interesting video slot with a theme that is not commonly seen. The reels themselves were engaging, and since the symbols sung when they were featured in a winning payline, it gave the game a unique factor to helps it stand out from its competitors. Another enjoyable feature was the array of features that could help the player generate more wins, and larger wins as well. The lively, upbeat festival music mixed with the stunning graphics and animations were just additional features of the slot that made it more enticing.

The only downside to this slot was the lack of any bonuses or bonus rounds. While it could've been a nice addition and would have helped players generate more winnings, it's still not a huge issue thanks to the ample supply of bonus features. Moreover, since the game does feature a high player return rate, it offers some excellent winning potential.