Flame Busters is an online video slot that is based on the life-saving adventures of RoastyMcFry and his band of Flame Busters. In this pixelated, classic arcade styled slot, players must help RoastyMcFly’s and the other expressive flame busters save the tenants of an apartment building before its too late. Flame Busters was developed by Thunderkick and features 5 reels along with a whopping 243 ways to win. The slot features an array of additions for the players benefit, such as wild symbols, fire symbols, fire drills, an intensive bonus game, along with some unique animations that can be triggered almost ever spin.

Play this online casino slot for free or real money and win big cash.

Themes and symbols

The Flame Busters video slot follows a more pixilated look that is reminiscent of a classic arcade game in the 80's. The three firefighters, RoastyMcFry and his crew of fellow flame busters are continually standing guard over an apartment building that is prone to fires due to the tenant's irresponsible behaviour. From saving cats to putting out fires, the flame busters do it all. In some cases, the fires will put themselves out, though in others the firefighters are going to do it manually. The background features a busy city skyline and blue skies, and the interactive video slot features a lively and upbeat soundtrack, amazing pixelated graphics, and some of the most classic looking animations you will see in a video slot.

The reels are located on top of a fire department, which features the iconic red fire truck. On both sides of the reels, the firefighters are perched on top of their ladders with their high-powered hoses ready to go. The symbols of this slot are a bit random, but they do represent the uniqueness of each tenant living in the apartment building. One tenant is a smoking goat who is known to cause the most forest, a firefighter captain who saved his pet cat, a wizard with some special abilities, a scary but friendly looking pirate who needs saving, and a robot that makes a weird beeping sound. Along the way, the fire busters can come across some coins that can be added to their wallets.

Special Features

The Fire Busters video slot incorporated an array of special features to aid the player in generating more wins along with giving them the opportunities to increase their payout as they pay. Each of these special features is unlimited, meaning that each can be activated multiple times while playing if lucky enough for them to fall into place.

Players should note that all the unique payline combinations will pay something, thus meaning players have 243 chances to come out with a winning.

Fire Symbol

The fire symbol is a mystery that is represented in three ways: by a red flame that is still contained, an orange and bright fire that’s taken over, or by a question mark with dripping water outside of its windowsill. The fire symbol will be replaced by another symbol once the firefighters put it out, except for a wild or scatter symbol.

Wild Symbol

An orange and white “W represents the wild symbol”. It will substitute all other symbols, excluding the scatter symbol.

Flame Busters Bonuses

The only bonus that Fire Busters offer is a bonus game. The Alarm Bell scatter symbol triggers the bonus game. If at least three or more of these symbols appear on the reels at a given time, then the bonus game will be activated. The number of free spins awarded will be determined by the number of scatter symbols are present. For every three scatter symbols collected during the bonus game the firefighters will unlock a floor and two additional free spins will be awarded.


Flame Busters is one of the more unique online slots featured by Thunderkick. The style of the game is perfect for any slot enthusiasts who loved classic arcade games, and the lively upbeat music is enjoyable to listen to on repeat. Overall, the design of the slot, along with the additional special features, were nicely meshed together in the creation of Fire Busters. Personally, there were no downsides of the slot that proved to be an issue when playing. The ample amount of opportunities to win outweighed any possible shortcomings that may have been prevalent in this game.