Flux is an online video slot that features an array of 3D colourful crystals that are flowing down the crystal-clear rivers of the Thunderverse. Each one of these brightly lit crystals radiates interesting and magical energy that once collected will lead to some generous cash prizes being awarded.

Flux is a peaceful and scenic video slot that was delicately created by Thunderkick. The slot features an array of slot features such as bonus symbols, three bonus games, free spins, and wild symbols that can be used an unlimited amount of times. This slot has 5 reels and 15 classic paylines.

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Themes and symbols

The Flux video slot is simplistic yet stunning. The 3D crystals are naturally found in the rivers that are flowing through Thunderverse – and each crystal gives off a hue matching the crystals colour and radiates a feeling of pure energy as soon as one is touched. The background features an array of different hues of blue that represents the peaceful stream that the crystals are found in. This game is filled with a tranquil background soundtrack that is relaxing, amazingly stunning graphics, and animations that are fun to watch with each spin of its reels.

The reels are in the middle of a river filled with a multitude of these magical crystals. The soft glowing hue of these crystals beautifully illuminates the reels during each spin. The symbols vary in shape, colour, and size as each crystal shown is unique. The 3D design of the symbols makes them look even more realistic. While the other symbols, such as the bonus symbol and the and wild symbol are incorporated smoothly in this game, so they stand out while not ruining the aesthetic of the game. The additional symbols will glow even brighter when a combination is achieved.

Special Features

The Flux online video slot features one special feature that will aid the player in achieving more wins and increasing the total amount of their payout. This special feature is unlimited, so lucky players will have the chance to double their payout depending on how many times they come across this symbol.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by a golden “W”. This symbol can substitute all other symbols, excluding any of the bonus symbols.

Players should keep an eye out for the golden crystal that has spikes as it can reward the player with an additional €24.00 if it appears five times on any of the reels.

Flux Bonuses

Flux features an array of bonus features and games that will reward the player with free spins and ample opportunities to generate more winnings into their pockets. To unlock one of the three bonus games, players must get at least three bonus symbols on any of the reels. Any additional bonus symbols will transform into additional free spins that can be used only during the bonus game. Players are given the opportunity to choose which bonus game they would like to activate, and each bonus game features a different colour layout and scheme.

Win Both Ways Bonus

This bonus feature will grant a minimum of 16 free spins or a maximum of 48.The free spins are determined by how many bonus symbols are shown at point of triggering the bonus.

3 Extra Rows Bonus This bonus game has a maximum amount of 12 free spins and a maximum of 36 free spins. This is determined by the number of bonus symbols received.

Win Both Ways/3 Extra Rows Combined Bonus

This bonus game is a combination of the two other bonus games. Players are given a minimum of 8 free spins but can win as many as 24. The number of free spins is determined by how many bonus symbols triggered the feature.


Flux is a simple yet beautifully designed online video slot. The theme of it isn't complex, and the overall atmosphere and design is scenic and peaceful. The three bonus game options are a nice touch and allowing the player the chance to choose which bonus game they would like to player makes the overall additional even better. Another addition to the game that was enjoyable was the ample amount of opportunities given that can lead to double payouts if one of the special crystal and bonus/wild symbol combinations is received.

The only shortcoming of this slot was the lack of wild symbol variations. Though, due to the game giving multiple chances to win free spins and many of them, it makes up for the lack of wild symbols. Overall, this game is extremely relaxing and would be perfect for anyone who wants a simple, yet pretty slot game to escape to and have some fun.