Frog Grog is an online video slot that is based in the lair of a spell creating witch. This beautifully designed slot features moth wings, eyeballs, the thinning magical hair of a witch, and an array of bottle and flasks that can make this witch wealthier. From the vibrant colours of the cauldron and the glimmering of the array of ingredients in the bottle, this video slot is one that is engaging and enchanting. This video slot was developed by Thunderkick and features 5 reels and 23 fixed paylines. In Frog Grog, the dropping symbols, multiplier, wild symbols, and mystery game combined will make every second of this game one filled with anticipation.

Themes and symbols

The theme of Frog Grog follows a spell crafting witches progress. She must go through her endless shelves of ingredients to create the perfect combination to mix in her magical cauldron so that she can sell it on the market. However, some of the witch’s prized ingredients are more valuable than others she owns, and thus will create more magical and extravagant spells that will be worth more. From the lively background music to the stunning graphics and its detailed background, Frog Grog is one interesting game to play.

The slot is based inside the witch’s home and showcases an array of interesting decorations such as the witch’s prized spell book, candles, a skull and empty birdcages that held mythical creatures inside. The cauldron located in front of the reels illuminates the entire room, while the bottles of ingredients give off their own soft glowing hues. Each of the symbols featured in the game is well-fitting and match the theme perfectly, some of the key symbols to watch for include the captured moths, the swirling rose, and the bottle hold a perfect and pure heart.

Special features

Frog Grog features an array of special features that will aid in the player earning more wins and increasing their total payout received.

Dropping Symbols

Frog Grog features dropping symbols. These are symbols that will automatically be replaced by new symbols when winning payline combinations are realised. Dropping symbols will lead to increased getting multipliers as with each consecutive win, they increase.


The multiplier will increase each time new symbols drop. This will see wins increasing from 1x to 2x, 3x, 5x and 7x. During the mystery game, the multiplier will increase after each win and will lead to the doubling or tripling of the player's payout.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by an orange frog that it not inside a jar or a bottle, and it will substitute for any other symbol. After displaying all payline wins, the frog will automatically remove all winning symbols on the same row, excluding other frogs, and will remain for the duration of the round or until it is a part of a payline wins.

Mystery Game

The mystery game is triggered randomly when no new dropping symbols can occur. During the mystery game, all symbols are removed, excluding the moth, the flower, and the frog. The symbols removed will award wins according to the predetermined pay table. Keep a watch for the blue luminescent moth symbol as it can award additional wins if it appears on the reels five times.

Frog Grog Bonuses

Unfortunately, Frog Grog does not award any bonuses that can be used to increase the player's payout or generate more wins. The best chance of doing this is to use one of the many special features provided.


Frog Grog is a unique video slot with a concept not commonly seen in other video slots. The 3D graphics featured in the game makes it more realistic and engrossing. The background music adds to the atmosphere and compliments it nicely, and another enjoyable feature of the game was the lively symbols that were constantly active during each spin.
One shortcoming that was found however was the lack of bonus features or bonus games. However, despite the game lacking this feature, it made up for it by incorporating an array of special features, such as the dropping symbols and constant multipliers that will allow for the player to make more money.