Fruit Warp is an online video slot based on a dimension where a rip in space has sucked all the world’s most beloved fruit into another dimension where they are left aimlessly floating. All the fruit are colorful, lively, and are somehow stuck in a state where they remain fresh and healthy. This unique slot was designed by Thunderkick and features no identified reels or paylines. If there are three or more of the same fruit in a bunch, it will be considered a winning combination and award the appropriate payout based on the paytable. This randomised slot is perfect for players who like surprises and big win multipliers.

Themes and symbols

The theme of this slot follows the basis of having some magical phenomenon transport all the worlds’ fruit to a dimension where they are just floating and bumping into one another aimlessly. The dimension of the fruit is in front of a green backdrop that has a few bubbles floating around that help to keep the fruit fresh. In this dimension, the fruit has their original 3D shapes and vibrant colours, thus making them a marvel to stare at and exciting when they fall into position and begin the multiplier re-spin feature.

This video slot does not feature any identifiable reels as the fruit is free-flowing, meaning that they move wherever they please, no matter if that means bumping into one another. Somehow, this new dimension is self-luminescent, and regardless of where one looks, it will always be lit a bright green background. Some of the commonly seen symbols include the dragon fruit, melon, pitayas, and the banana as the highest valued symbols, and cherries, strawberries and plums as the lower paying fruit symbols.

Special Features

Fruit Warp features an array of special features that main purpose is to help generate more wins. The special features double the excitement as it adds a sense of organisation to the presentation of this randomised slot game.

Win Combinations

The main way to win this slot is to get three or more of the same fruit during one spin. The best thing about this is that no matter where the fruit may float, it is still considered a win if they are of the same kind. To activate the bonus, four or more of the same fruit is required.

Fruit Mode 1

Each symbol that matches the fruit mode type will activate one step in the wrap meter. This will trigger a re-spin feature that will see new fruit replacing the old, and for each matching fruit as those that triggered the bonus, you will advance towards winning the multiplier that is shown beneath the reels until the end of the meter is reached. If you accomplish this task, you will the maximum multiplier shown.

Dynamic Multipliers

These multipliers are only available during fruit mode. They will increase the value of each win until they are activated, and the value is locked into place. The number of symbols in a win will determine the multiplier increments, distributed from right to left as evenly as possible with the floating fruit.

Extra Life

Once an extra life is activated during the fruit mode, it will give one extra re-spin if none of the symbols matches the fruit mode type. Players should note that any extra lives spent do not grant them any step increases.

Fruit Warp Bonuses

Unfortunately, Fruit Warp does not include any additional bonuses that will aid in the playing getting more wins. However, the specialised features make up for the lack of this feature. Moreover, having bonuses would ruin the complete randomness of this video slot and that is part of its appeal.


Fruit Warp is unlike any other video slot encountered. It does not feature any real reels or paylines, thus making it completely random. Moreover, the floating fruit aspect of it makes it a unique and interesting slot from Thunderkick.

One of the major shortcomings of the game is the lack of organisation. While the random floating fruit concept is interesting and the simplified ways to win makes this an easy slot to understand – players are only really given a chance to make a winning during the fruit modes which only happen by a chance spin. However, despite this, this slot is so unique to play that it makes up for the previously mentioned shortcoming.