Full Moon Romance is a captivating online video slot that focuses on the pure and romantic love of two teenage werewolves who are planning a classic and simple date to the drive-in movie theatre. The movie theatre is full of love-struck teenagers who are all looking for a perfect way to romance their partners during the entertaining film. Full Moon Romance was developed by Thunderkick and features five cinematic reels along with fifteen dazzling fixed paylines. The video slot incorporated a bundle of amazing additions to make every second more enjoyable such as wild symbols, scatters, a cloning feature and a bonus game that awards free spins.

Try Full Moon Romance for free or play for real money. A fun online casino game to play with big chances of win cash.

Themes and symbols

The overall setting of Full Moon Romance takes place in a classic drive-in movie theatre in the 80’s with a lavishly large viewing screen and loads of popcorn. In this drive-in movie theatre, three cars are present, and in each one, a couple is getting cosy with one another as the movie plays. As the movie goes on, it shows the story of two werewolves falling in love – ones that look oddly like two of the moviegoers. During the film, certain scenes are slowly unlocked as the plot develops, with each scene being more romantic than the next. This enchanting slot is packed with romantic animations, a relaxing soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly, along with graphics that will remind anyone of the simple eighties.

The reels are located inside of a grand movie screen encrusted with lights that makes the reels illuminate brightly. The symbols are on the movie screen as well, thus making the slot more interactive and realistic regarding the theme. Surrounding the reels are the cars filled with love-struck teenagers and a stunning view of the sunset. The symbols of the slot are all related to the theme and include a candid body shot of the main two lovebirds, an adorable dog tag shaped as a bone with the phrase ‘puppy love’ lasered on it, and a luminescent full moon that all werewolves are affected by.

Special Features

The Full Moon Romance video slot features an array of special features that main goal is to aid the player in gaining more wins and having more opportunities to increase their winnings. Each one of the special features is highlighted and feature an animation when they are activated.

Sweetheart SymbolThe sweetheart symbol is a 3×1 symbol. These symbols are represented as a candid full body shot of the main two lovebirds. However, there are two different variations of the sweetheart symbols. During the bonus game, they take on a different appearance, showing the couple as werewolves, however, they still have the same effect as they would during the base game.

Clone Feature

This feature is activated when one of the sweetheart symbols hits the first reel. This then will create a maximum of four other sweetheart symbol clones that will appear on the following reels. The clone feature will result in additional winnings being gifted to the player.

Full Moon Scatter Symbol

When three or more full moon scatters in one spin, it will grant a number of free spins that can be used in the bonus game. The number of free spins will be determined by the number of scatters received during a single round.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol has the power to substitute any other of the prevalent symbols, excluding the scatter symbols. The wild symbol is represented as the word “wild” appearing on a golden card.

Full Moon Romance Bonuses

The only bonus offered in the Full Moon Romance video slot is a bonus game that is triggered by three of the full moon scatters appearing on any of the reels during a given time. During the bonus games, players will have free spins that will be used automatically, and they will have the opportunity to double and even triple their winnings depending on which symbols appears during the bonus game.


Full moon Romance is an astonishing video slot with a romantic and simple theme surrounding teenage love. It features a multitude of special features that are surely going to aid the player in generating more wins during their gaming session. Along with the impressive player return percentage, this video slot features amazingly designed graphics, animations, and a stunning soundtrack to top it all off. The only downside to this video slot is that there is only one bonus. However, since the bonus game does allow free spins and the ability to triple their original winnings, this shortcoming doesn’t seem to be too major at all.