Hercules High & Mighty is an online video slot that is focused on the tale of the Greek god, Hercules. In this mystical online slot, the player must accompany the strong Greek god as they transverse though Olympus to find treasure and riches. This online slot was developed by Barcrest and features five mystical reels and 100 Greek-inspired pay lines. This game further includes some great bonus features such expanding wilds, a Big Bet mode and the ability to trigger up to 40 free spins, let alone a jackpot of $250,000.00. Hercules High & Mighty is available for desktop and mobile device play.

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Themes and symbols

The theme of this slot follows the adventures of Hercules, the son of Zeus, as he makes his way through Olympus in search of fame and treasure. Due to his incredible strength, the journey is an easy one – no matter who he encounters, the son of Zeus has the power to over them with ease. This slot is aesthetically extremely pleasing and functions well. During his adventures, Hercules realises that he must correctly put a group of random symbols in one of the many correct orders, which are represented by the 100 pay lines. This slot is filled with an engaging soundtrack that is going to put any player in the mood to walk in the shoes of the famed god, along with smooth animations and impressive graphics.

The reels of Hercules High & Mighty are constructed in a unique way. The main game reels are located at the bottom while the free spin reels are located above it, which gives it a more portrait appearance instead of the typical landscape one that is commonly seen with other slots. Each symbol accurately represents what is to be expected while trekking through Olympus from enouncing the wife of Zeus, Hera, the stunning yet dangerous unicorn, to the bundle of other creatures, such as the bundle of deadly snakes and the wise lion that looks like it might attack. The symbol's value will change if playing the base game or the big bet game.

Special Features

The Hercules High & Mighty slot features a few special bonuses that can help the player generate more wins during the duration of the game. Each special feature is unlimited and can be used a countless number of times as long as the player spins them correctly during a round.

Expanding Wilds

If three or more expanding wilds appear on the reels, it will trigger the Mighty Reels feature. This will open the upper reel and double the number of pay lines. They have the ability to multiply the players winning if they are used during the base game or the big bet game.

Scatter Symbols

Having three or more scatter symbols present on the reels will open the free spins bonus game. Scatter symbols can lead to retriggers of the free spins if they appear during the free spins game.

Free Spins

This feature is unlocked after three or more scatter symbols are located on the reels. The maximum amount of spins a player can receive is twenty while the minimum is eight. Layers should note that the free spins use a different set of reels once the Mighty Reels are triggered.

Hercules High & Mighty Bonuses

Hercules High & Mighty Bonuses features a bonus that will activate each time the player places a certain wager. It is unlimited and be used as many times as the player desires.

Big Bet Bonus

This bonus is activated once the player places a certain betting amount of either $20, $30, or $50. Each option will give the player five big bet spins along with additional features, which are determined based on the amount wagered: expanding wilds on the Mighty Reels along with the removal of lowered value symbols.


Hercules High & Mighty is an interesting online slot that has created an interesting mix that is not commonly seen with other video slots. From the lively music, animations, and jaw-dropping graphics – this slot can easily impress anyone who plays it. The most impressive feature of this slot is the unique layout which allows players to view two separate reels at one time. The only shortcoming is the lack of bonuses, which limits the ways players can generate wins. However, this can be overlooked due to the generous amount of special features that are offered.