King Kong Fury is an online casino video slot that is based on the epic tale of the giant ape, King Kong. In this video slot, the player must transverse through a period where King Kong lived alongside dinosaurs on a secluded island filled with stunning greenery and danger at every turn. This video slot was developed by NextGen Gaming and features five reels along with fifty pay lines. King Kong Fury adds to its appeal by featuring additional features as well, such as free spins, stacked wilds, wild reels, re-spins, stacked symbols, the Lighting reel, and the Kong’s Call. King Kong Fury can be played on a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

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Themes and symbols

The theme of King Kong Fury is based around the player trying to survive the dangers found on the island. From dinosaurs, dangerous plants, and even King Kong himself – the player must try to avoid them to increase their chance of surviving for the day. To help find the safest route to trek through the island, the player must sort a random assortment of symbols into one of the fifty winning pay lines to reveal the safest route. This video slot is filled with stunning graphics, a few eye-catching animations that are randomly triggered, an array of special features and bonuses, and to top it all off, a fitting and mood-setting soundtrack.

The reels give off the appearance of being rugged and encased with an array of vines which would be commonplace in a setting like this. The symbols featured in King Kong Fury are fitting to the aesthetic and theme and blends in smooth. The symbols that players should keep an eye out for are the intimidating headshots of the different dinosaurs, such as the blue and roaring three-horned dinosaur, the flying one with a large mouth filled with sharp teeth and the green dinosaur with speed that can easily outrun a human being. The Kong symbol can help in more way than one and the low valued symbols all add to the winnings this slot offers. Eastern Dragon Slot Review

Special Features

There is an array of special features in King Kong Fury which will help the player generate more wins during their session. Some of the symbols can be triggered randomly, though the ones that are a part of a winning pay line can help the player generate a higher valued win.

Stacked Wilds

These wild symbols will cover the entire reel and will give the player a multiplier during a spin. The stacked wilds will be locked into place and have the ability to double the player’s original stake. When they appear, they will cause the other reels to replace all of their current symbols with new ones.

Wild Reels

Wild reels are reels that are filled with wild symbols. Once triggered, they will replace all other symbols excluding the bonus symbols, in the hopes to help achieve more wins.

King Kong Fury Bonuses

King Kong Fury incorporated a few additional bonuses to help the player generate higher valued wins. Each bonus has its own unique animations, sounds and the ability to double or even triple the original bet stakes.

Lighting Reel

This bonus feature can appear during the base game. Once activated, it will produce fifteen beast symbols to pop up anywhere on the reels. Once a beast symbol is randomly selected and added to the reels, it will increase the chance of gifting more winning combinations.

Free Spins

The free spins game is activated when bonus symbol, represented by Anne Darrow, lands on reel one and reel five in a round. During the free spins game, the player will get x4 the original stake alongside with a free spin with the stature of reels which will unlock the free spins, with a maximum of ten and a minimum of three. They can be multiplied, and players can receive the total maximum of 100 free spins. However, during the free spins, there is no limit to have many times the player can re-trigger them.

Kong Call

Once the Kong’s Call is activated, players will hear the iconic yell of King Kong before he appears on the screen. Kong will then award up to twelve Kong wild symbols to help generate winning combinations.


King Kong Fury is an entertaining video slot that just looks and plays amazingly. The bonus features are exceptional and extremely helpful, and the special features are a nice touch as well. One of the key reason why it's such a popular game at NextGen Gaming is due to its potentially large payouts. However, the only shortcoming is that the special features that were needed to trigger the bonuses were lacking. Though, this is only a minuscule issue that is easily overlooked due to the aid that the bonuses provide.