The Luchadora is an online video slot that is the embodiment of the liveliness of Mexican wrestling. Each of the wrestlers is getting ready to rumble and tussle with one another before the big fight, but not before they find their ways to power up and become stronger. The Luchadora is an exciting video slot developed by Thunderkick that has five colourful reels along with thirty smashing fixed paylines. Luchadora also incorporates some additional features to make it even more exciting such as wild symbols, a bonus game with free spins, scatters underdog, and the iconic LuchaSmackdown.

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Themes and symbols

The main theme of Luchadora is based around four Mexican wrestlers who are getting ready for one of the biggest competitions of their careers. Each one must find a way to train and become an even more powerful version of themselves to ensure their win during the match. In the background of this slot, collectable cards that features the wrestlers face, along with his stats, were scattered aimlessly around by a loyal and excited fan. This video slot features eye-grabbing animations, beautifully designed graphics, and an upbeat soundtrack that is reminiscent of a tune heard during a traditional Mexican celebration.

The slot is encompassed in a traditional wrestling ring that features an empty audience that has not yet arrived for the big game. Each one of the symbols presented are related to the exciting plot of the match. In all four corners of the ring, the symbols are highlighted with a bright gold ring that makes the ring seem even brighter. A few of the key symbols are the four wrestlers, El Rayo El Toro, El Pantera and El Serpiente, and, the various peppers that the wrestlers love to snack on, and most importantly, the mysterious underdog wrestler that has not yet been revealed.

Special Features

The Luchadora video slot features a multitude of special features that main goal is to generate more big wins for the player’s benefit. These special features are unlimited and can be activated as many times as the player scores them during a round.

Wrestler Symbols

There are four wrestler symbols present, each one showing the face, name, and colour scheme associated with the wrestler. The wrestler symbols can be transformed into wild symbols if they happen to land on one of the winning paylines.

La Luchadora Symbol/The Underdog Symbol

The wrestler symbol represents this symbol. It features a blacked-out face and a question mark. The underdog symbol can transform into the La Luchadora Symbol, only if all four wrestler symbols have been changed into their wild symbols during the La Luchadora bonus game.

Ring Corners

All of the ring corners are surrounded by a golden-lit square and when a wrestler symbol lands on one of the four ring corners, it will substitute all wrestlers of the same colour with their wild symbols.


During the base game, the LuchaSmackdown will gift the player one of the following: free spins determined by how many LuchaSmackdown symbols are present on the board or a multiplier that is also determinant based on how many LuchaSmackdown symbols are present. During the bonus game, the LuchaSmackdown will gift the player one of the following: additional free spins or additional multipliers, or automatic wrestler transformations, which will turn them into wild cards.

Luchadora Bonuses

The Luchadora features a bonus game that is only actuated when the player has three or more of the Lucha Bonus symbols resent on the board. Depending on the amount, the player can receive up to fifteen free spins, with the minimum amount being seven free spins. During the bonus game, once all wrestlers changed into wild symbols, the underdog will be revealed as the La Luchadora.


The Luchadora video slot is a well-designed slot with an interesting theme that is not commonly seen with other video slots. The game features a superb player return percentage. Along with that, another enjoyable feature of this slot was the progression that the wrestlers must go through. Moreover, the ample amount of special features made this slot even more enjoyable to play as it gave the player ample chances to increase their winnings. Despite only adding one bonus, there were no noticeable shortcomings of this slot. The animations, soundtrack, and the stunning graphics were all incredibly done and added to the overall atmosphere of the game.