Pink Elephants is an online video slot that follows the quest of an animal tribe to awaken the mystical pink elephants and join them in the whimsical pink dimension filled with happiness and lack of worries. This engaging slot is jam-packed with colourful stones that must be collected to achieve this tribe’s life quest. Developed by Thunderkick, Pink Elephants is loaded with six reels and 4096 ways to win, and along with that, it incorporates wild symbols, scatters symbols, and a bonus game. Furthermore, this video slot has a high player return percentage and has a reputation for delivering huge wins.

Play Pink Elephants slot for free or real money, enjoy!

Themes and symbols

The theme of this slot is based around a tribe of animals that are trying to ascend to a new dimension that is home to the mystical pink elephants who are known to have magical abilities and everlasting wisdom and happiness. To achieve this, the animals must collect a variety of mystical stones that when collected in the correct combinations will grant them access to this new dimensional plane. This video slot has an endless amount of opportunities to generate wins, along with some of the most stunning animations, eye-grabbing graphics, and a well-fitting soundtrack that ties the entire plot together beautifully.

The reels are located on a beach of a tropical island, using the natural sunlight as the main may illuminate each reel. The symbols presented on the reel match the theme perfectly and blends it in flawlessly. The key symbols on reels, the multitude of colourful stones that are needed for the sacred ritual, the mystical pink elephants with a stunning pink aura surrounding them, and the tribal animals who all sport colourful and shimmering face paint.

Special Features

The Pink Elephants slot features a multitude of special features that will aid the playing in generating more wins and hopefully, an even higher payout. Players should keep note that these special features ate unlimited and can activate with ease if the player receives that lucky spin.

4096 Pay Ways

If the player spins and receives consecutive symbols that are positioned from left to right will create a winning combination. All combinations will pay based on the paytable and each system that is represented on same.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by a purple “W” that is surrounded by a pink and glowing aura. The wild symbol can substitute any of the other symbols present on the board, excluding the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol

If the player spins three or more scatter symbols during a single round, it will trigger the bonus game that consists of a limited number of free spins. During the bonus game, two or more scatters will activate additional free spins. Grab more free spins at Napoleon Boney Parts Slot Review

Mystery scatter symbol

The mystery scatters symbol is represented by a green symbol that has the appearance of being covered in green leaves. In the main game, one through five mystery scatters symbols may be triggered during any spin, which will increase the chances of winning the bonus game. Watch out for the lovely pink elephant as it can return a win up to €1,000.00 if it appears at least six times during any spin of the reels.

Pink Elephants Bonuses

Pink Elephants video slot features one bonus game with free spins that is only activated by having three or more scatters present on the reels at a given time. The amount of free spins is determined by the amount of scatters, with eleven being the maximum and three being the minimum. During the bonus game, the goal is to collected elephant orbs that will fill up the meter to the left of the reels. Once filled, the respective symbol will then be changed into an Elephant symbol to allow for greater winning combinations. Completing each part of the meter will see additional free spin bonuses being awarded.


The Pink Elephants video slot is a unique and simple game that has a load of interesting and innovative ways to score a win. Additionally, the theme and story being this slot are uncommon, but Thunderkick executed it perfectly. The symbols are fitting, the animations are smooth, and the soundtrack featured in this slot adds to the overall atmosphere. The only downside to this slot was that the special symbol, the pink elephant itself, did not have a high value. However, this is easily overlooked when considering that there are 4096 pay ways, along with other special features that could easily help the player generate more wins and steadily increase their payout.