The Falcon Huntress is an online video slot that is based off the popular native legend of the Golden Falcon, who when hunted with, will lead a person to a great treasure full of gold and riches. While trekking through the Mongolian steppe, the Flacon rears its head and begins to lead a noblewoman on a hunt for treasure. This beautiful slot was developed by Thunderkick and features five reels along with nine intensive paylines. The game also includes additional features that will aid in the long journey such as wild symbols, expanding wins and a bonus game that includes free spins and retriggers.

Play The Falcon Huntress for free or real money and win up top 10 500x.

Themes and bonus

The background is based off a popular Mongolian folktale of a Golden Falcon who will lead whoever is hunting with it to an unknown but highly valued treasure. Once a noblewoman comes across the Falcon during one of her hunts, she is immediately lead on an epic journey to hopefully find the treasure. As she treks through different terrains and weather conditions, the flacon stays steadfast on its quest while the huntress stays steadily concentrated on reaching her goal. From the animated symbols, the intensive soundtrack, and the eye-grabbing graphics, this video slot is sure to be truly captivating.

The reels are in the entrance of a traditional temple. Each is encompassed with a gold lining which highlights each individual symbol. The symbols themselves are well-fitting with the theme of the slot, and a few of them have a textured embroidered look to them as well. A few of the key symbols are the Huntress with the wind billowing behind her, an embroidered feather, egg, and silk chain.

Special Features

The Falcon Huntress features an array of additional special features that will help with the players’ personal quest of finding the legendary treasure. Players should keep in mind that all the special features are unlimited and can be used as many times as the player spins and activates them during a round.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented as the golden falcon with a golden “W” next to it. The wild symbol doubles as a scatter symbol and can substitute any other symbol that is present on the board and getting three or more of the wild symbols will activate the bonus game.

Expanding Win

The expanding win may occur at any point during the game on any one of the winning paylines. When the expanding win symbol is activated, it will expand all the winning symbols individually. However, the expansion will only occur once per symbol.

The Falcon Huntress Bonuses

The Falcon Huntress has one bonus game that features free spins and the opportunity to double the player's winnings. To activate the bonus game, the player must spin three or more of the wild symbols. No matter the number of wild symbols, if its above three, the player will only get ten free spins. During the bonus game, every win will expand according to the same rules that are followed in the base game.


The Falcon Huntress is an interesting video slot that follows a detailed theme regarding Mongolian folklore. The appearance of this game is simplistic and easy to follow; however, animated symbols makes this slot stand out compared to its competitors. An interesting feature of this slot is the style choice by Thunderkick to make it appear more traditional instead of modern. Moreover, the two features are handy and can help the player generate a higher winning as they follow the story of the Huntress. The symbols themselves are also valued highly, seeing how the Huntress symbol will award the player triple their original betting amount.

Overall, The Falcon Huntress only features on the downside that would make the game slightly less enjoyable to play: the lack of bonuses. While the bonus game is nice, the player will only receive ten free spins no matter what, and the bonus game follows the same rules featured in the main game. This makes the bonus game seem less like a bonus and more reminiscent to just getting awarded free spins. However, this downside can be looked over due to the functionality of the game along with the additions features, such as the wild symbols and expanding symbol. Even without the additional bonuses, players can still come out ahead with nice wins, especially considering that this game has a high return to the player percentage.