Introduction to The Legend of Bigfoot Slot Game 

The Legend of Bigfoot is an online casino video slot that is based on the popular urban legend of the Bigfoot. In the Big foot slot, the player must travel through the wilderness in hopes of viewing the legendary Bigfoot and manage to get proof of its existence. This outdoorsy slot was developed by Barcrest and features five reeks filled with greenery and twenty paylines, which are determined based on the amount the player bets. The game features additional tools which will help the player generate more wins, such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, random sightings of Bigfoot, and a Big Bet Game. Moreover, this video slot can be played on mobile devices that are powered by Apple and Android, along with using the traditional desktop.

The Legend of Bigfoot Themes and Symbols

The theme of this slot is adventurous and exciting. The player is traversing through a wilderness where many locals have claimed to have seen Bigfoot. The player decides to trek through the forest in hope of finding and capturing photos of the cryptid that's been rumoured to exist for decades. To find this beast, the player must collect specific winning symbols into a correct order to increase their chances. The player should keep an open eye out since Bigfoot has a history of running in front of people randomly and either scaring them or helping them. The Big foot slot features a lively tune that is fitting for the atmosphere, well-designed graphics, and smooth animations that are sure to catch the player's attention.

The reels are in the center of a forest and are illuminated by the bright and warm sun overhead. The symbols perfectly match the theme of the slot and add to the overall vibe of the game. A few of the key symbols that players should be aware of is the howling wolf that appears as the sun begins to set, the cougar that is intently watching the player, the curious raccoon, and the soaring and confident bald eagle.

Special Features of The Legend of Bigfoot Slot Game

The Legend of Bigfoot incorporated a few special features that main goal is to help generate more wins for the player. Each one of these features in unlimited and can be used as many times as the player spins them during a round.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by a headshot of bigfoot surrounded by caution tape. It has the ability to replace every symbol that is currently present on the board, excluding the scatter symbol. The same rules regarding the wild symbol apply for the Big Bet Game.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol is represented by an outline of Bigfoot’s foot with the word ‘Bigfoot’ overlaying a blue background. Having three scatter symbols present on the board will award the player with free spins.

Free Spins

Having three or more scatter symbols present on the first, third, and fifth reel will open the Free Spins game. During the free spin game, it will have a total of six levels and will gift the player a total of eight spins. After the first milestone, following after each spin, two symbols will be substituted at random with wild symbols.

Bigfoot Sightings

Randomly, Bigfoot himself will appear and change the board in some type of way. He will either swap a symbol to convert a losing combination into a winning one, shake up the reels to cause random wilds to appear, force certain reels to become completely wild, respin all five reels, or respin the last reel to achieve a free spin bonus.

The Legend of Bigfoot Slot Bonuses

The Legend of Bigfoot has one bonus game that can be triggered based on the amount the player is betting. The bonus game is unlimited and can be triggered as many times as the player meets the betting requirements.

Big Bet Game

If the player bets $20.00, $30.00, or $50.00, then they will activate the big bet bonus game. Each value has different benefits that can range from: a higher chance of Bigfoot sightings, double height scatter symbols, or a higher chance to earn free spins.


The Legend of Bigfoot is an interesting online slot with a unique concept. The overall theme and atmosphere is engrossing and can entertain any slot enthusiast for hours. Plus, the additions of the special features along with the bonus game could serve as an incentive for players to continue playing. The only downside featured in this slot was the lack of having more than one bonus game. However, this can be easily overlooked by the Bigfoot Sighting, which could give the player randomized help to generate more wins.