Toki Time is an engaging online video slot that can captivate any slot enthusiastic attention for hours. The Toki’s are small colourful creatures who are preparing for a hillside party. In this engaging slot, the player must help the Toki’s organise themselves in this lively and upbeat game. Innovatively developed by Thunderkick, Toki Time features five adorable reels along with eleven fixed paylines. The game adds more entertainment by featuring an expanded wild with respin or wins and Win two Ways.

Try Toki Time slot for free or play for real money and enjoy.

Themes and symbols

The theme of Toki Time is extremely lighthearted and lively. The goal is to help the Toki's get ready for their upcoming celebration on the hillside. Each Toki wants to be organised based on their appearance, and in Toki land, everything is bright, happy, and extremely animated. If the player achieved the quest of helping the Toki’s they will reward with generous gifts such as coins and a front seat to their party. From the lively and upbeat music, the smooth and colourful graphics, and the adorable animations, Toki Time is the epitome of a cute slot game.

The reels are located just above five active geysers that will blow the Toki’s away during each spin. The symbols are perfectly matched with the overall theme seeing as how all of them are bright, cute, and are sporting a happy and authentic smile. Some key symbols that players should look out for are the shooting star with a bright smile, the cloud with the rainbow sprouting from it, and each one of the colourful and unique Toki's.

Special Features

Toki Time does feature additional special features that are there to enhance the player's overall experience. These features are unlimited and can be used as many times as the player spins them during a round.

Expanded Wild with Respin on Win

The expanding wild can substitute all the other symbols that are currently present on the board. The expanding symbols are only found on the second and fourth reels. When combined with a winning payline, the expanded wild will be frozen in place and then shall trigger the remaining reels to respin. The reels continue to spin until such time that no other win combinations are formed.

Win two Ways

All paylines can be activated in two ways: left to right, or vice versa. Pay line wins will pay in succession regarding in which they are won.

Toki Time Bonuses

Unfortunately, Toki Time video slot does not feature any additional bonuses that can be used to generate more wins for the player. Despite this, the special features are enough to aid the player in gaining more wins during their playing session.


While Toki Time may be an adorable and well-done video slot, it does seem to be lacking in a multitude of areas. The theme is bright, colourful, and interactive – however, the lack of more special features and bonuses is a bit disappointing and makes this slot seem limited in its options. The expanded wild can help generate more wins, however, the win two ways feature appears to be something that many video slots have, which in turn causes Toki Time to stand out even less compared to its competitors. Furthermore, none of the symbols seems to have a high payout which means that players are going to have to continuously play, or get lucky and achieve a high valued combination, to generate a higher payout.

Desoto the previously mentioned shortcomings, Toki Time is extremely functional and interesting to play. The lively music, along with the constantly moving animation make this slot, even more, engrossing compared to other ones. Plus, the graphics, while being simple, are still well-done and are eye-catching. Another enjoyable feature of this slot is the simplistic paylines so players will feel a sense of familiarity while playing on Toki Time. This slot would be ideal for players who are new to playing slots or would prefer a bright, cute, and simple slot game to pass the time and generate a steady winning streak.