Turning Totems is a compelling online video slot that focuses on creating winning combinations using totem poles that radiate external energy. The player’s main goal is to help the Little Chief start a rainstorm to help the dry and deserted land become lively once again. This video slot was developed by Thunderkick and features five spiritual totem reels and eleven fixed paylines. This slot has additional features that will aid the player, such as Thunder Reels, Sleeping Wilds, Thunder Snakes, respins, and a Bonus game.

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Themes and symbols

The theme of Turning Totems follows Little Chief, the leader of a tribe based in a sunny and sandy desert. After a time of having no rainfall, Little Chief crafts a plan to use the ancient, but magical, totem poles to summon the rain that his tribe desires. However, it will take certain combinations of the totem poles to grant this wish, and the player must help Little Chief spin the totem poles so create a thunderstorm that will save the tribe, the people, and the land. This interactive video slot includes lively and cheerful music, smooth 3D animations, and graphics that can catch anyone’s attention.

The reels are the colourful totem poles with a bird on top. They are found in the middle of the desert, near the tribe, and are illuminated thanks to the intensive sunlight. Each one of the reels features three totem symbols that can be spun to show all the mystical faces of the totems. However, some of the totem symbols are valued more than others due to their magical abilities, such as the eagle symbol, which can cause the rain to begin, the thunder snake which stands out the most, and the other colourful totem faces that almost seem to animate to be fake.

Special Features

The Turning Totems video slot features an array of special features that can help the player generate more winnings as they play. Players should keep in mind that all the listed special benefits are unlimited and can be used as many times as the player spins them during their gaming session.

Thunder Snake

The thunder snake symbol is represented by a gold snake that looks eerily like a lightning strike. The thunder snake symbol will turn the reel it lands on into a thunder reel for the duration of the game round. All the sleeping wilds that are on a thunder reel will turn into activated wilds. A thunder reel activation will grant the player a respin unless it results in a bonus game beginning.

Sleeping Wild

The sleeping wild is represented by a dull brown eagle on the totem pole. It will act as a normal symbol until it gets turned into an activated wild by a thunder reel. The wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols on the board, excluding the thunder snake. A payline that consists of only wild symbols will have a higher payout.

Win two Ways

All paylines are activated in two ways: from left to right and from right to left. Paylines wins pay when in succession in the order that it is won.

Turning Totems Bonuses

Turning Totems has one bonus game that is activated once three or more thunder reels are triggered. The bonus game will consist of five free spins, and the background of the game will include rainfall and a darker environment. During the bonus game, all active thunder reels will remain so until the bonus game is over. The bonus games give players the opportunity to triple their winnings depending on the luck of the slot.


Turning Totems is an engrossing video slot with a cute yet straightforward theme. The 3D graphics add to the overall appeal to the slot, and the music along with the animations make the slot seem more enjoyable and fictional. Since the slot does have a high theoretical player return percentage, players should assume that they have a higher chance of generating a winning while playing. Moreover, the usage of the special features makes this game more interactive and gives the player ample opportunities to increase their wins while also sticking to the story and helping the
Little Chief.

The only downside to this slot was that no matter how many of the thunder reels the player achieves, the bonus game will still only consist of five spins where the player hopefully can make a high winning. Though, this issue is minor and is over-shined thanks to the sleeping wild which can generate higher winnings the more times it appears during a round.