Well of wonders is an enchanting online video slot that follows the classic story of a wishing well that is in a mystical and beautiful forest. As the player closes their eyes, flips a coin inside the well, and makes a wish – the well suddenly comes to life. Developed by Thunderkick, this charming video slot features occurrence win combinations instead of the typical reels and fixed paylines. To make this slot even more entertaining, it features respins, multipliers, wild symbols, and the iconic Fairy Feature.

Try this online casino game for free or real money.

Themes and symbols

The theme of this slot follows the classic tale of a mystical wishing well that can grant any persons wish – no matter how big or small. Though, the wishing well that the player stumbled across is in a forest full of magical beings, such as fairies. As the player makes their wish, the well becomes active and begins to shoot out an array of floating symbols that the player must combine to increase their power of the well. This magical video slot features stunning 3D graphics, smooth animations, and an enchanting and harmonic soundtrack that is sure to lure in any passersby.

This video slot does not feature any defined reels. Instead, the symbols that are spurted out of the wishing well will float in the same general area as they spin around in tune with the music. The symbols featured in this game are a bit randomised, yet they still fit the theme perfectly. Each symbol is colourful and emanates a bright hue which makes them stand out even more. A few of the key symbols that players should keep their eye open for are the red jewel encased in a sphere, the gold gem that has a yellow and green outer layer, and the pink heart with the orange spiral that radiates a sense of love and happiness.

Special Features

The Well of wonders video slot does feature additional features that will give the player more opportunities to generate more wins during their gaming session. Each one of these features is unlimited and can be activated as many times as the player spins them during a round.

Win Combinations

Since Well of wonders does not feature any reels or fixed payline, wins are determined by win combinations. If the payer gets three or more of the same symbol during a round, it is counted as a win. Once a winning combination is hit, it will be paid out with the currently active multiplier applied.


All symbols, including the winning combinations, are removed and replaced by new ones during a respin. This will give players more chances to win again and hopefully even more significant than the previous time.


As you get continuous winning combinations, the well’s multiplier will double. The multiplier goes as the following: x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, and x32 is the maximum multiplier.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented as a glowing “w” that is layered into a stone. The wild symbol can substitute all other symbols present on the board when determining winning combinations.

Fairy Feature

The fairy feature is represented by a small glowing fairy. It can appear on any spin. When the fairy is present, and there are no winning combinations, the fairy will be activated. The fairy will remove all symbols that are currently present on the board and will the reward the player with a respin and a multiplier increase.

Well of wonders Bonuses

Unfortunately, there are no bonuses or bonus games that can be activated on the Well of wonders video slot. While this may seem like a downside, the ample amount of features makes up for the lack of having this feature.


The Well of wonders video slot is a well-designed and extremely engrossing game to play. The 3D graphics, upbeat soundtrack, and smooth animations play a major role in the appeal of this video slot. Moreover, the lack of having defined feels and fixed paylines makes this slot more interesting and unique compared to its competitors. Plus, the hefty multipliers gave players even more opportunities to increase their overall winnings, especially considering the maximum is x32.

One downside of this slot was the lack of bonuses and a bonus game. Though, despite this aspect not being included, all the combined special features were more than enough to help players generate more wins during the duration of the game. Another enjoyable feature that outshined the lack of bonuses were the constant and automatic respins that would occur as soon as the player spins a winning combination.