Craps Odds Guide and Payout Chart Explained
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Craps odds explained

Craps is a great casino game that can be enjoyed by any gambler, be you a newbie or an expert gambler as long as you understand how the game works.

This amazing game is packed with lots of features, and the truth is for you to succeed in playing, you must understand how these features work and the best way to use them to your advantage.

If you've never tried playing craps and you are looking to join the train, this post is meant just for you. Here, we would explain craps odds bet, how its gameplay works, craps odds payouts, and lots more. Read on to find out more.

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Pass Line Bet

The pass line bet (Pass bets) is very popular amongst gamblers who play the craps games because the bet pays well. This kind of bet indicates that a player bets that the rolling dice will either land on 7 or 11, and if it does, he/she wins while the shooter loses the game.  However, if the outcome from the rolling dice is within 2, 3, or 13, you'll lose the game. What if any other number rolls out? Well, in that case, it becomes ‘Point’.

If a ‘Point’ rolls out, the dice will be re-rolled until a given number signified as the point for the game rolls out. A player wins the game if the rolling dice has an outcome of the number indicated as the ‘Point’ for the game, but if an outcome of 7 is rolled, you'll lose and the game will restart.

The payout odds for pass line bets are 1 to 1, and the pass line odds of winning are within the range of 251 – 244, so, chances are, you have a good probability of winning playing this bet. Besides, the house edge of the game in most online casinos is as low as 1.41%.

Any 7

The Any 7 bet is a bet whereby a player wins if 7 is rolled out in any way – it's a straightforward win or loses bet where the odds of rolling out the winning number is 5/1. Also, it has a really high house edge of 16.67% and the payout is 4/1.

We at Casinovator don't really recommend this kind of craps bet to newbies, as there's a high risk of losing most of the time. Even expert gamblers who play this Any 7 bet have to be strategic to have more wins compared to losses.

Don’t Pass (Don’t Come)

Don't Pass or Don't Come is the opposite of the Pass Line bet – you're to bet on the opposite result of the craps pass bet.

Here, you win if the rolled dice give an outcome of  2 or 3. However, you lose if the outcome of the rolled dice is 7 or 11. An outcome of 12 is regarded as ‘Push’ – the dice will be rolled continually until it hits the ‘Point line’ of the game or 7. You win if the dice land on the chosen point, but if otherwise, you lose the game.

Don't Pass bets are always fun, but the weird aspect is you'll be betting against everyone on the table. So, if the outcome of your bet lands correctly, you'll win the game while other players lose.

The odds of rolling out the outcome Don't Pass bets are usually 976 to 949, while the payout is 1 to 1, and the house edge is almost similar to that of the pass bet – 1.36%.


Craps bet is a one-roll bet that's quite similar to the ‘Don't Pass bets’, however, in this case, a player is to bet that the rolling dice will land on either 2, 3, or 12 – these numbers are called ‘Craps number’. If the dice roll out any of these numbers, a player wins the game.

That being said, playing this bet comes with a high risk. Honestly, you could make more money not playing this bet. Besides, its house edge is even quite high – up to 11.11%, and the craps odds on this bet are 8/1 while the payout odds are 7/11.

Taking the Odds

Craps odds and payout explained

Looking to place a bet with zero house edge in craps? ‘The Odds’ bet is the perfect option for you, though you'll be limited on the amount you can bet. Why will you be limited on the amount you can bet? Well, this is because the house (casino) is not profiting anything from this kind of bet – they use it to limit players' actions.

The Odds bet is quite related to the point, however, in this kind of bet, you're betting the outcome of a particular number before 7 is rolled out – you could even be placed on a range of different outcomes that are grouped, and they'll all have different odds.

The table below shows the different outcomes for the odds bet and their odds.

4 and 102 to 1
5 and 93 to 2
6 and 86 to 5

Note: The payout odds in taking the odds bet are the same as the odds.

Laying the Odds

Just like Don't come bet is the opposite of pass bet, Laying the odds bet is also the opposite of taking the odds to bet. This bet also has a house edge of zero, however, you're betting that the rolling dice will land on a 7 before the given point in the game.

You'll be placed on a range of different outcomes when you play Laying the odds bet too, and the outcomes are the same as that of taking the odds bets.

4 and 102 to 1
5 and 93 to 2
6 and 86 to 5

Payout odds are still the same as the odds!

Place Bets

The place bets in craps consist of a series of numbers which includes 4,5,6,8, and 10. This is another proposition bet in craps games bet whereby the gambler bets that the dice roll out any number between 4,5,6,8, and 10 before 7.

Each outcome has its odds, payout odds, and house edge attached to it. However, the odds are calculated based on how likely an outcome will be drawn. So, the higher the likelihood of an outcome to be drawn the lesser its odds.

The table below shows the odds in craps place bets for different outcomes in place bets.

OutcomeHouse EdgeOddsPayout Odds
6 and 81.52%7 to 66 to 5
5 and 94.00%7 to 53 to 2
4 and 106.67%9 to 52 to 1

Lay Bets

Lay bet is the opposite to place bets. Yes, you're betting on 7 to appear before a given range of numbers, and the odds attached to each outcome are the same as that of the place bets. However, the main difference between the pricing of place bets and lay bets is that they always have a commission, and the commission varies from casino to casino – it's usually around 5% and it's always based on win only, and some casinos apply it to only 4 and 10 bet.

OutcomeHouse EdgeOddsPayout Odds
6 and 82.27%7 to 66 to 5
5 and 92.00%7 to 53 to 2
4 and 101.67%9 to 52 to 1

Big 6 and 8

The Big 6 and 8 bet is just the same as placing a bet that the dice will have a come-out roll of number 6 or 8 before a 7. Here, the true odds are 6 to 5 while payout odds are 1 to 1. The house edge, on the other hand, is 9.09%.

That being said, with the true odds, payout, and house edge of Big 6 and 8 bets in mind, we at Casinovator prefer to use Place bets for a bet on a come-out roll of 6 and 8 because it has a lower house edge, higher odds, and higher payout odds.

Field Bets

Field bets involve betting that the come-out of a roll will fall within the range of numbers including 2,3,4,9,10,11, or 12. But if the dice rolls out any number within 5,6,7, or 8 the player will lose his/her bet. In this kind of bet, payout odds on all numbers are even “1 to 1” except for numbers 2 and 12 whose payout odds are 2 to 1 and 3 to 1. However, these payout odds usually vary depending on the casino website you're using. Some casinos give payout odds of just 2 to 1 for dice roll out on both numbers, thus, doubling the house edge of the bet from 2.78% to 5.56%. Whereas the standard house edge for field bets is always 2.27% with the odds of rolling out being 5 to 4.

3 or 11

Just as the name suggests, 3 or 11 bets involve betting the dice roll out numbers 3 and 11. If any of these numbers come up, the gambler’s bet will be multiplied by 3. The odds of winning this kind of bet in Craps game is 17 to 1 which is really slim, and the house edge is quite high too – up to 11.11%. However, you'll enjoy a pretty good payout odds of 15 to 1.

Hard Bets

Last but not least are the hard bets. In hard bets, gamblers bet that the number on the dice will be the same – this means you can only win if the outcome after rolling the dice falls on 2,4,6,8, or 10. You will lose the game if a 7, 5-3, or 6-2 is rolled out.

The table below shows the house edge, roll-out odds, and payout odds of hard bets.

OutcomeHouse EdgeOddsPayout Odds
 6 and 89.09%10 to 19 to 1
4 and 1011.11%8 to 17 to 1
213.89%35 to 130 to 1


Play Craps Online in Canada

If you're looking to play Craps games online in Canada, then you need a reliable online casino website. However, the casino site you can use depends on your location – this is because the online casino in each province is governed by different online gambling laws. To save yourself from unwanted stress, we recommend you read our online casinos Canada reviews to find the best casino to play Craps online or you can just register an account with any of the Craps online casinos Canada mentioned in this post.


Craps bets are really interesting to play. Although it requires advanced knowledge, the truth is the game is fun. From the different bets explained above, you can tell craps is a very tricky casino game – the required outcome of some bets is what you'll lose on some other bets.

That being said, keep in mind that you don't need to know all Craps bets and their odds. You can just stick to one or two bets that you understand and gamble with them using a safe Craps strategy, and once you become familiar with how things work in the online casino Craps game, you could use more advanced betting techniques.


  • How do odds bets work in craps?
    • The true odds in craps bets are based on mathematical probability. Yes, there's nothing a player can do to change the outcome of the roll-out dice. So, even if you stick to bets with higher odds, there's still no assurance that the come-out roll of the dice will be a win.
  • What does 3x 4x 5x odds mean in craps?
    • The 3x, 4x, and 5x odds in the craps game indicates that the craps table will permit 3 times a gambler's pass line bet as odds on number 4 & 10, 4 times the bet on 5 & 9, and 5 times the bet on 6 & 8.
  • What does 2 to 1 odds mean in craps?
    • 2 to 1 odds in a craps game indicate the chances of the ball landing on numbers 4 and 10 on the craps table. This odd is the same if you're playing ‘Laying the odds bet’ or ‘Taking the odds bet’.
  • What do odds mean in craps?
    • Odds in craps indicate a player’s chances of winning a bet.