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Posted on: 10 February, 2021

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EcoPayz Banking and Online Money Transfers

EcoPayz is a payment processing provider offering exceptional online deposit systems for gaming enthusiasts and standard online purchases with a virtual card. The ecoPayz money processor is a PSI-Pay Ltd brand that also provides physical card programs for customers and businesses worldwide. Many companies utilize the ecoPayz program to pay remote staff members with PSI-Pay’s self-card, but retail customers and online shoppers use the bulk of the company’s business services.

Casino players have found the ecoPayz card to be a valuable and easy-to-use digital wallet. Simultaneously, gaming sites are happy to use the wallet system for both deposits and withdrawals. You can quickly take advantage of great deposit bonuses and qualify for daily and monthly events with instant deposits and play your favorite table games and slots.

The History of ecoPayz

Ecopayz is headquartered in Horsham, England, as well as branch offices in other countries. Founded in 2000 as a payment service provider, the original ecoCard platform has expanded and changed over the years, making it one of the world’s foremost and oldest digital wallets.

Customers in more than 150 countries using 45 currencies use the ecoPayz brand, overseen by PSI-Play Ltd, an FCA-regulated company providing a private way to send and receive money safely and at little cost.

Money can be transferred back and forth between merchants, casino and gaming sites, and individuals worldwide. The receiver of cash in a private transfer pays no fee.

After a successful launch, Paul Templeman, as CEO and founder, launched the Company as PSI-Pay Ltd in 2006 and acquired the EcoCard brand. PSI-Pay Ltd was regulated in 2008 by the FCA under Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the EU Directive for electronic money transfers.

The following year, PSI-Pay Ltd became a MasterCard principal member and launched an App for iPhone devices.

As the new decade dawned, ecoPayz introduced 24-hour multilingual Customer Support and launched a business solution program for paying expenses and salaries to staff members, regardless of where they were working or what currency was needed to fulfill their pay scales.

In 2014, the ecoVirtualcard was introduced with an ecoAccount application for Apple and Android phones and tablets. The ecoVoucher was launched the following year as an alternative to credit cards and the need for a bank account.

In July 2017, ecoPayz became the first UK-based e-wallet agent in the Western Union network. And finally, in 2020, the ecoCard was upgraded with a move to the ecoPayz MasterCard, a solution that provides name recognition and acceptance at millions of retailers and ATMs worldwide.

It also means that online gamers now have a much more comprehensive casino range to deposit money into instant action, as a massive percentage of all online casinos accept MasterCard.

Regulations and Accreditations

EcoPayz’ owner, PSI-Pay Ltd, is monitored by the FCA for the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the EU Directive on electronic money. They can issue electronic money (registry number 9000011) as authorized by the FCA and is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Standards. The Information Commissioners Office also recognizes PSI-Pay Ltd concerning the Data Protection Act 1998.

Why Use an ecoAccount

There are many advantages to using an ecoAccount with an ecoPayz Mastercard. They include free account registration, excellent name recognition, and the ability to handle all your deposits, transfers, and purchases over the internet. You can access your account on your laptop or desktop, with your tablet, and of course, with your mobile. Your ecoPayz card is good for payments across borders (international payments), for sending cash to friends, and for use at ATMs worldwide.

If you are an online player looking for the most secure way to transfer and deposit money to your favorite casino and get in some blackjack or make a wager on the next football game, an ecoAccount, or the ecoPayz card is the way to go! Money can be sent to places across the globe in 45 currencies for instant purchases and deposits. You can even have up to three ecoCards in multiple currencies if you wish. Business accounts can pay employees on the go, with whatever currency they need, and have complete records of all transactions at their fingertips.

Any place MasterCard is accepted, ecoPayz users can get instant acceptance – whether they are using a topped-off card or a one-use card for online or over-the-phone purchases. One use cards expire when used, so there’s no risk of them being debited further from your account; they can’t be lost or stolen and used after use.

Your online ecoAccount wallet can be accessed through a mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play for Android users. If you need help setting up your account or encounter other issues, ecoPayz offers support in English, French, Italian, and Spanish via phone or email.

You can also make deposits to your account through MoneyGram and Western Union and your bank account in 45 currencies, including British pound sterling, EUR, Euros, and US dollars. Forex or foreign exchange is automatic to enable users to transfer or purchase in alternative currencies.

Heightened ecoPayz Security

When using an online banking service, it’s always nice to know your processor is as obsessed with security as you are. PSI-Pay Ltd employs a unique web-based tool they call a Fraud Detection Engine. Their secure and reliable rules-based programs combine the analysis of transactional and behavioral data to detect and destroy online hacks and fraud.

They also use third-party brokers to double-verify the identities of all account holders and system users. Their in-house team of IT and fraud experts use data analysis programs to identify suspicious transactions to minimize any exposure to fraud.

Users can expect top security and privacy at all times through ecoPayz high level of SSL Encryption safeguarding every transaction. Online gamers may be required to provide additional data and details should they use MasterCard, but any details supplies at online casinos (and all merchants) always remain anonymous.

Regardless of how safe you feel or wish to be at any gaming site, you should always follow some extra precautions to stay safe.

Extra Tips for Staying Safe Online

Following some extra safety tips can help your personal information stay out of the hands of scammers and hackers. Although it seems obvious, you need to remember it’s never safe to share online account login data or passwords. Indeed, you never want to share anything about your ecoAccount with anyone else.

No one from ecoPayz will ever contact you and ask for your password – don’t fall for phishing emails.

Any time you want to log in to an account, carefully check the URL’s in the address bar – making sure it starts with https://. The final “s” stands for secure. You may also see a padlock symbol on your screen. If you do, wait for the website to be authenticated before entering any data.

Once you are at the website you want, use a login you’ll remember and a secure password. An 8-digit combination of letters and numbers with at least one symbol is best. Don’t use the same password or login at multiple sites, especially your email. If you do, and someone hacks your email, they’ll get a password to all your important sites.

It would be best if you also changed your passwords regularly, and when setting up new accounts, use different logins when possible.

As for using public computers, there’s always a higher risk of being on a computer with a virus or Trojan that might capture your data. Even if the computer is safe, always completely log out of any sites you’ve used a password to enter and log off or restart the computer when you are finished to leave no overt traces of your use that could be used for a later hack.

Creating an ecoAccount and using ecoPayz

Using an ecoAccount is quick and easy. You’ll need your data, such as full name and address, plus a valid email that will need to be verified. Once done, you’ll have instant access to sending money in 10 currencies. Sending in lower-threshold currencies is also available for higher-level users. The system rewards use, and you’ll need to achieve Silver status for the full swath of 45 currencies and some other perks.

EcoPayz Fees

Registering for ecoPayz is free, but the company does make money through user fees. Bank wires are the most expensive and can run from 1 to 10% of transfer amounts. The exact fees charged depend on your country of residence and the options available.

Other things that can impact an ecoAccount include correspondent bank fees and subsequent costs for international transfers. The company automatically calculates currency conversion rates and adds a fee to each transaction.

Users can take advantage of Western Union utilities in the UK only. A fee is charged based on the chosen delivery service combined with the country from whence the transfer is completed.

In France and French territories, ecoPayz applies a monthly cash deposit limit of 1000 EUR to residents.

Actual ecoPayz MasterCard Fees vary based on overall usage and the corresponding color level achieved (Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP).

Euro (EUR)‎ Bank wire deposits carry a 0 to 10% fee for instant deposits, electronic fund transfers, and local or international bank deposits. Credit card deposits vary from 1.69 to 6% and carry a .25 EUR fee.

As for ecoVoucher deposits, they are 2.90% across the board. All codePayz deposits are free, while zestPay deposits range from 1.25 to 2.00%. Other free services include alternative currency deposits, receiving money from Western Union, and sending money with Western Union.

There are no fees for transferring to or from an ecoPayz merchant. A currency conversion fee of 2.99% down to 1.25% (depending on user color level) will apply. Also, users (actually non-users) will incur 1.50 EUR each month after 12 consecutive months of inactivity.

You’ll get an ecoPayz MasterCard free via the mails when you join and request one. If you need a replacement, the charge is 12.50 EUR. The card is available only to ecoAccount Silver level users.

Notes for New Users and Online Gamers

Using the ecoPayz card to play some slots at online gaming sites is as simple as loading your card number and choosing an amount to deposit. When you wish to cash out winnings, some casinos will automatically transfer your cash to your card. In contrast, others may prefer to send your withdrawal to your ecoAccount or delay payment while a courier check is prepared and shipped.

Keep in mind that any withdrawals will require updated data, as most casinos require a current photo ID and proof of residence through a recent utility bill or corresponding bank statement showing your full name.

If you want to use your ecoPayz to transfer money to friends and family, you and your recipient will need to have an ecoAccount – Silver level or higher – to proceed. Your account starts at the classic level and can be easily upgraded to the Silver level to take advantage of upgraded services. Money sent can be instantly spent or withdrawn.

To make the system manageable, you can begin a transfer with just your recipient’s phone number. When doing so, there are no fees for currency conversion as the funds convert automatically. This is done by PSI automatically creating a new account in the new currency for you. You can then transfer between your currency accounts with a 20-second transfer.

Depositing cash to your ecoAccount can be done at a local bank or cash outlet through international bank deposits and alternative currency deposits. You can also make deposits with your debit and credit cards.

The many options available for deposits and withdrawals make the ecoPayz system an excellent choice for online casinos and gaming, the perfect web wallet for making bets with your favorite bookie.

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